Missouri shouldn’t follow Massachusetts’ lead to bring Obamacare principles to our dental industry

Late last year, the Boston Globe declared Massachusetts could be “the birthplace of a dental revolution.” Voters in the state had just recently approved “Question 2” on their ballots, placing spending mandates on the dental industry. Now, this east coast solution to increase the cost and decrease access of dental care, is headed to red states like Missouri.

Similar to Obamacare, “loss ratios for dental insurance” place mandates on how the dental insurance industry operates. This “revolution” made its way on the ballot through the state’s initiative petition process, which is an all-too-common tactic for liberals to change state policies in states like Missouri, too.

For those interested in analysis over emotion – an independent actuarial study by Millilman, a national healthcare consulting firm, estimated that in Massachusetts, premium rates could increase about 38% for employers and consumers for typical small group or individual plan. Unfortunately, this is a feel-good idea that wrecks the free market principles of the dental industry.

Increased dental insurance costs will lead to less dental coverage for Missourians. Common sense says that proper dental care provided in the private sector helps reduce health care costs and keeps folks working.

Missouri should not follow the lead of states like Massachusetts and California, moving away from free market principles and towards more big government. Should we follow their lead, it will mean more costs and less access to dental care in the state.

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