The number of Americans who trust the media is at an all-time low. We get it.

The same organizations who claim to fight misinformation continue to publish biased, inaccurate stories for the sake of likes and clicks. There are more news outlets today than ever before in our country, yet because of the irresponsibility of the news industry, Americans still have limited options to turn for real information.

They think they’re untouchable.

Journalists are more interested in the appearance of truth than truth itself.
They’d rather pat themselves on the back than take responsibility for the ways they’ve misled the public.

But there are journalists out there who still care about the truth.

There are reporters who care deeply about the public having access to real, unbiased information. That’s why we’re launching The Heartlander.

Our mission is to bring you news the way it was meant to be: simple, factual, and unbiased. We’re confident that our work will set us apart from the organizations you no longer trust. Our commitment to the truth and you, our readers, will always come first.

Who is The Heartlander?

We chose our name based on the qualities that define America’s Heartland. Self-sufficiency, rugged independence, and a fierce commitment to the values that shape the American dream.

We promise to harness these qualities to help bring you the news you deserve.
It’s time for a new voice in the Heartland.

Get News, the way it was meant to be:

Fair. Factual. Trustworthy.

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