Attack on GOP office in Kansas widens the Left’s war on conservatives after Roe

A brazen vandalism of a Republican headquarters in the heart of Kansas may signal a widening war against conservatives after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

In two separate incidents this week, a man is accused of setting fire to a sign outside the Cowley County Republican office in Winfield, southeast of Wichita, and later shattering the glass door with a rock.

The man believed responsible, identified as Scott Redford, appears to have posted a video of the first act of vandalism, which was posted on Facebook.

He allegedly set fire to a sign relating to the Aug. 2 vote on the “Value Them Both” constitutional amendment that would recognize the state legislature’s authority to pass and keep existing laws regulating abortion. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled in 2019 that the state constitution, which does not mention abortion, nonetheless protects it, leaving existing regulations in peril.

He also left a sign saying “War” and “#WhyItMatters 420.” The number is believed to either reference marijuana or Hitler’s birthday.

“I think we’re seeing more and more of this type of vandalism and violence,” Kansas GOP Executive Director Shannon Pahls told Fox News Digital. “We’re seeing it with all of our pro-life organizations across the country, and it’s unfortunate, you know, that in Kansas we haven’t really seen anything like this.

“It just shows that it’s a sad state that the left thinks they’re able to use these acts of intimidation against pro-life organizations.”

Pahls said other GOP offices and pro-life facilities around the state were notified of the ominous acts of attempted intimidation.

“Hopefully it’s an isolated incident,” she told Fox, “but I think it’s telling. We’re seeing this happen throughout the country and, unfortunately, all too often our Democratic leaders are pretty silent on the issue.”

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