Buddy Hardin announces campaign for State Representative in St. Charles

A St. Charles man with strong ties to the criminal justice system has announced his candidacy for State Representative in the City of St. Charles. Buddy Hardin recently sold his DWI Probation Supervision Agency–after operating it for nearly 30 years. He has many long standing relationships with criminal justice officials throughout St. Charles City and County. 

Buddy and his wife of 30 years, Barbara J. Hall have 7 children, 14 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Hardin is a strong advocate for Pro-Life and Pro-Adoption policies. Buddy was elected to, and currently serves on the New Town Board of Governors.

Buddy stated. “As a small-business owner who literally worked to make our streets safer, I have had many years to reflect on how our government can work best for both businesses and taxpayers.” He added, “In my day-to-day work, I witnessed how our Courts impact Missouri families. I am running because our government needs to do a better job of reforming its laws to protect Missouri families, not our criminals, from crime and to promote liberty.”

Buddy is committed to a law and order agenda, with nearly 30 years in criminal justice and being a Life Member of the NRA.  “Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, refusing to punish criminals and then defunding police is a disaster,” noted Hardin. “St. Louis City’s failure is creating a menace to the families in St. Charles. Allowing the MSHP into St. Louis City, merging the St. Louis City and  County prosecutors offices will be top legislative priorities.” he added.

Hardin supports providing parents with a “Bill of Rights” which increases child safety, transparency and accountability. “My Parents Bill of Rights would require school districts to require parental notification if any school employee suspects a criminal offense has been committed against their child. It would require schools to promote parental involvement in their child’s education and notify parents of their parental rights. It also requires public school districts to provide parents access to their child’s curriculum and allow parents access to information on who is teaching their child,” said Hardin. 

“Our privacy rights are under attack by big government and big tech companies who sell our most private personal data. Our gun rights, private property rights, even our freedom of speech is under attack. We must stand up to protect our rights,” stated Hardin.  “ We must demand greater transparency in government. It’s time to shine the light on those government bureaucrats who attack our rights while running our schools and government institutions.” added Hardin.

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