Former Fox 4 News anchor Mark Alford is running for Missouri’s 4th Congressional seat

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. – Former Fox 4 News anchor and Republican Mark Alford announced his candidacy last month for Missouri’s 4th Congressional seat to replace Rep. Vicky Hartzler as she vies for U.S. Senate.

“I am a true conservative,” Alford said. “I am unequivocally pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-law enforcement, anti-Critical Race Theory, anti-tax, pro- parents having a say in their child’s education. Most importantly, I am unashamed of the pride that I take of being born in this great nation.”

The 4th Congressional District currently encompasses 24 counties across Central and Western Missouri, but there’s expectation of some district boundary movement once the redistricting process is finished in April of 2022. 

Alford is an acclaimed journalist with over 20 years of experience reporting news. He recently retired from hosting Kansas City’s #1 rated morning show where he clocked in an impressive 23,000 hours of total airtime from 1998 to his retirement last month. 

“My voice has informed, influenced and inspired millions of people during my tenure as a television news anchor,” Alford said. “My voice has helped raise millions of dollars for charities both locally and nationally. My voice has served boards, foundations, churches, civic organizations, families and strangers.

“My voice has been just that, ‘My’ voice. Now I want to be YOUR voice, representing your values and your beliefs. I want to represent YOU as the next Congressman for the 4th District of Missouri.”

The district has been represented by Hartzler since 2011. But with the congresswoman seeking higher office, the Republican field of contenders continues to grow. On the primary ticket alone, Alford is running against veteran and former Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks, State Rep. Sara Walsh, Missouri State Sen. Rick Brattin and fifth-generation farmer Kalena Bruce.

Growing up in the greater Kansas City area, Alford says he has seen what Democratic leadership can do to communities, referencing higher taxes, spiking crime rates and slashes to police budgets to “appease far-left activists”, according to a press release provided to The Heartlander

“Right now, some of the loudest Missouri voices in Washington, and the mainstream media, are from the far-left,” the former news anchor said. “The progressive liberals who only see the worst in America. I see the best: the best in law enforcement, the best in our communities, the best in our farms,our businesses, our churches and really the best in you; the people of this great state of Missouri.”

Alford has hired Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign and considers the upcoming election a fight over the very soul of the nation.

“It’s time we stand up. It’s time we take America back!”

For more information on Alford’s campaign for Missouri’s 4th Congressional seat, those interested can visit his website.

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