Sara Walsh announces bid for Missouri’s 4th Congressional seat

COLUMBIA, Mo. – State Rep. Sara Walsh announced her bid for Missouri’s 4th Congressional seat on Wednesday at Targetmasters, a gun retailer in Columbia. 

She is aiming to succeed Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, who opted out of running for reelection and instead is taking a shot at Missouri’s 2022 U.S. Senate race. 

Walsh is running on a platform focused on bolstering workers and supporting the American dream. According to Walsh, she got the chance to live the American dream, but is scared that future citizens won’t get the same opportunity.

“My life is proof that in America anything is possible,” Walsh told The Heartlander. “But right now the American dream is under attack and that’s why I’m running for congress is to stop socialists from destroying the American dream where everyone has the same opportunities I had.”

Walsh believes that to support workers, there needs to be more legislators in Washington D.C. that relate to everyday people and have been in the same tough situations.

“I think Congress needs more people who know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, and people who know how important it is to work hard, put faith first, and rely on God.”

According to her campaign website, Walsh’s parents are the reason she’s so passionate about her faith and hard work, instilling those values into her at a very young age. 

“They taught her to keep her debts low and her dreams big,” her website reads. “She learned that there were many things she could do without… but some things were essential: faith, family and a relentless drive to never give up and keep pushing forward.”

When asked what her priorities will be if she’s elected, Walsh vowed to “to finish the priorities that President Donald Trump started.”

“To work on policies that bring jobs back to America and to stop government handouts that incentivize people not to work,” she continued. “To help return and restore America back to the American dream that I lived and that so many of us have lived.”

While working at the Maytag factory in Jefferson City, the Boone County representative found herself on the wrong side of the NAFTA trade deal as she lost her job when it was outsourced to Mexico. Thus, it comes as no surprise that bringing jobs back to America is a flagship issue that Walsh plans to fight for.

Also on her list of priorities to fight for in Congress is supporting the police, protecting the unborn, defending the Second Amendment and protecting religious liberty. According to Walsh, Americans need to fight for these priorities at the federal level or they will be taken away.

“I think we need to fight for those on a national scale because sadly, socialism is taking a foothold in America,” she said. “If we don’t fight now, then we’re going to lose our country.”

According to her website, Walsh has spent a significant amount of her early adult life serving and volunteering for various organizations. Among other things, she has volunteered at 40 Days for Life, Open Arms Pregnancy Resource Center, National Day of Prayer Task Force in Jefferson City and the Central Missouri Food Bank.

Walsh has also served as a board member for Missouri Right to Life and helped with community outreach efforts in the aftermath of the devastating 2011 Joplin tornado. 

As she begins her path down the campaign trail, Missourians can expect more emphasis on protecting the American dream and prioritizing her faith. 

“Congress needs more people who understand the American dream is only possible in a society that protects workers, prioritizes the rule of law, values all human rights and respects our God given rights,” Walsh said. “And I want to fight every single day in Congress to protect what’s made America the greatest country in the world.”

Walsh isn’t alone in her bid to secure the vacant congressional seat though. Former state senator Ed Emery and Cass County Associate Commissioner Ryan Johnson have officially announced their candidacy as well. Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden has also shown interest, releasing a statement on Wednesday saying he is “seriously considering” joining.

With plenty of speculation and over a year still left until the primary election, voters shouldn’t be surprised if new Republican challengers decide to join the race down the road.

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