America is on a lightning march toward authoritarianism; media, much of electorate, seem fine with that

There are dark forces inside this country and within the federal government that are more sinister than any in our nation’s history.

But what’s truly amazing is just how many in the country, and in the media, are down with that.

The most conspicuous, ominous, un-American and unprecedented abuses are, of course, against the left’s most prominent political enemies – whom it has relentlessly targeted in criminal and civil courts and even on ballots.

But among a series of a thousand cuts in the fabric of the republic, concerned parents, Christians and pro-life activists also are under siege from a far-left cabal bent on imprisoning, intimidating and slandering its ideological foes. The disreputable far-left Southern Poverty Law Center even labels parents’ rights groups as “extremist,” trying to tie concerned mothers to supposed hate groups.

The media eat it up and don’t push back. It’s conservatives being targeted, after all.

Conservatives are being censored online, multiple courts have found, the result of an Orwellian axis of government, media and social media. An entire newspaper, the New York Post, had its social media account suspended for, as it turns out, accurate reporting on the intelligence community’s naked conspiracy to paint the Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

That just happened to occur in the weeks before the pivotal 2020 presidential election. Imagine that. The media have had to admit, rather belatedly, that the Russia claim was a hoax invented by agents of the Biden administration in concert with a corrupt intelligence community – but the media never push back with any amount of force. It’s conservatives being targeted, after all.

A judge cynically suggested a 75-year-old pro-life activist “make every effort to stay alive” – which she very well may not – after sentencing the woman to two years in prison for demonstrating outside the hallowed ground of an abortion clinic.

Elsewhere, a pro-life prayer leader was descended upon at his home in the early morning hours by a federal SWAT team making a federal case out of his having – heaven forbid! – shoved a pro-abortion zealot out of his young son’s face. Thank God, literally, that Mark Houck was ultimately acquitted by a jury of his peers, which is getting harder and harder for conservatives to find.

It took a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate public-school football coach Joseph Kennedy after he’d been fired for silently praying – in his head, mind you – after games. Perhaps now such tyranny can go back to North Korea where it belongs?

Don’t hold your breath. Rather, look over your shoulder.

Even as terrorists and murderers and rapists join the international land rush over our southern border, FBI agents have been showing up at law-abiding Americans’ homes to question them about their social media posts – or their support for protecting young children from experimental sex change procedures.

Meanwhile, the left-wing media, which is to say most all the media, deny the decrepit condition of their Supreme Leader to the point of telling you not to believe your lying eyes: The White House calls videos of a bumbling, stumbling president Republican “cheap fakes.” And the lapdog media dutifully run with the plainly obvious lie.

All along, the Biden administration not only eschews immigration and border enforcement, but actively aids in the invasion and participates as an active partner in the Mexican cartels’ human and child trafficking.

One would also imagine, wrongly it appears, that a free and independent media would be at least cursorily interested in learning the origins of a COVID-19 pandemic that killed over a million fellow citizens and other millions worldwide. But the regime, with its Wizard of Oz façade of fire and smoke, says there’s nothing to see here, so there’s nothing to see here.

The media are even fine with the Biden administration essentially blowing off the COVID Origins Act, which required the Biden administration to declassify and release all its documentation on the killer virus’ likely Wuhan lab origination. A year after the law’s deadline, all we have is a short executive summary of what the administration wants us to believe.

As for the near-weekly stunning reports of savage murders and rapes by illegal immigrants, the media don’t jump up to decry the bloody crimes on American citizens by savages invited in by this president. No, they now claim that reporting on such crimes is “fear-mongering.”

And as the Biden administration seeks to force the country to accept biological boys and men competing with, and sometimes injuring, girls and women, the media naturally take the party line: Here’s how The New York Times characterizes opposition to the administration’s unilateral rewriting of Title IX rules to mandate men in women’s sports: “Republicans and conservative groups try to overturn a policy that expanded protections for L.G.B.T.Q. students.”

That statement is made with utter disregard, if not contempt, for how the policy affects girls’ safe and dignified access to sports, and whether it’s even constitutional for the Executive Branch to rewrite the laws as it sees fit.

Indeed, the New York Times writes of the Title IX rewrite by the White House, “The new regulations broadened the scope of the law.” That’s quite an admission: A nation in which the chief executive rewrites the laws of the legislature is one governed by an autocrat.

Yet the media, and apparently a hefty portion of the American electorate, are fine with that – just as they’re seemingly fine with a regime jailing its political enemies, censoring its dissenters, cracking down on Christianity, ignoring laws it doesn’t like, sending its minions to intimidate and remove people in their homes and more.

How does one not find all of that purely sinister? How do you square all that with freedom?

This government lies through its teeth and pursues its enemies like inveterate Bolsheviks, but with a brazen inventiveness that Lenin’s lemmings never could have conjured.

It’s also astounding, the untold numbers of U.S. government apparatchiks going along blissfully with this lockstep march over the Constitution toward rank authoritarianism. The pensions must be just that good!

But the biggest disappointment of all is our “free and independent” news media, who were supposed to protect us from this, and were tasked with holding the powerful accountable for their actions. They have willingly, and surely knowingly, turned themselves and their institutions into state-issued megaphones for our ruling left-wing autocrats.

Great Maker of Heaven and Earth, what has befallen this country and its news media?


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