College of the Ozarks Spring Forum to host Dr. Jim Denison, Mike Huckabee, rare biblical artifact exhibit

POINT LOOKOUT, Mo. – Mark your calendars for April 4, when College of the Ozarks will hold its annual Spring Forum. The event will include an informative evening of A Discussion on Israel led by Dr. Jim Denison, with Mike Huckabee as the moderator. 

Denison and Huckabee will delve into the dynamics that have shaped Israel’s political affiliations in the Middle East, and the current religious climate within the country. Beginning April 5, visitors will be able to view the INSPIRED Exhibit, which highlights 100 rare biblical artifacts.

Denison, founder and CEO of Denison Ministries, is a cultural theologian who has impacted over 6 million lives through digital content. His extensive portfolio of over 30 books, combined with a background in teaching and pastoring, equips him with a wealth of knowledge.

Huckabee has an extensive background in American politics and has previously served as the governor of Arkansas. The former presidential candidate has written 14 books and frequently leads multiple groups to the Holy Land. He’s also the host of the television show Huckabee on TBN and makes appearances on Newsmax and Fox News.

“What I love about Dr. Denison is that he is doing the hard work and research that we don’t all have time to do,” College of the Ozarks Public Relations Director Valorie Coleman said. “We are so honored that both of these gentlemen are able to come for the Spring Forum.

“When you pair in the Inspired Exhibit, it ties it all together. I really hope this Spring Forum plants seeds in people’s hearts to dig deeper and pray more fervently and be immersed in not only the history of Israel, but of the Bible.”

Coleman tells The Heartlander guests can look forward to music and a surprise that the college will remember for years to come.

“The college has been given a very special artifact that we are going to be able to have on campus forever. Not only will we have the INSPIRED Exhibit, but something new will be unveiled at the forum. I think it will be exciting for people. There are so many facets to this, you don’t want to miss it.”

The traveling INSPIRED Exhibit highlights the journey of the world’s most banned book to becoming a best-seller. Knowledgeable experts will be available to lead tours and provide answers about every artifact. Tours last an hour and begin at the top of each hour. Group reservations are very welcome and must be made over the phone by calling 417-690-2929.

“If you are a Christian, but you really want to strengthen your knowledge and be able to speak even more convincingly about your faith, it’s a great place to come. If you are not a person of faith but you are interested in history or a book that has impacted people’s ability to communicate over the centuries, there is something for everyone.”

Both the exhibit and speaking event are open to the public. Tickets for the Forum are free and can be found at the College of the Ozarks website. The event will take place at Howell W. Keeter Athletic Complex. Doors open at 5:45 p.m., followed by a prelude. The convocation begins right at 7 p.m. 

More information about the INSPIRED Exhibit, its visiting hours and what to expect can be found here

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