‘I was wrong’: What President Biden should say ‘if he wants to be serious’ in his State of the Union address, says Hawley

Josh Hawley will be holding his breath to see if President Joe Biden can stay awake for his State of the Union address Thursday night.

But as for the possibility Biden will stand up and take responsibility for the true state of the nation, Hawley isn’t holding his breath.

“I expect a lot of nonsense talk from the president,” Hawley said in an exclusive interview with The Heartlander Thursday. “But here’s what he should say if he wants to be serious: He ought to look the American people in the eye and say, ‘I am responsible for what’s happened to the southern border. And I was wrong.’”

Hawley argues the president should further own up to his role in the brutal Feb. 22 bludgeoning murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley, killed while jogging at the University of Georgia allegedly by an illegal immigrant allowed into the country under Biden.

“He ought to apologize to the family of Laken Riley. He ought to apologize to the family of the toddler murdered in Maryland. He ought to apologize to the other Americans recently murdered or attacked by illegal immigrants who he let in the country.  

“And he ought to say, ‘I was wrong. And I’m going to change course. I’m going to build the wall. I’m going to close the border.’ But I’m not holding my breath.”


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