Hours after horrifying shooting of nearly two dozen at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rally, state Rep. Chris Lonsdale posts what a ‘great time’ he had there

As one person lay dead and 21 others were being treated at nearby hospitals after a terrifying shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration Wednesday, a state representative crowed on social media about how much fun he’d had there.

“Had a great time at the chiefs Super Bowl parade,” Rep. Chris Lonsdale of nearby Liberty posted on X and Facebook just before 5 p.m. – nearly three hours after the bloodbath at Kansas City’s Union Station.

Commenters on his X post found it shockingly insensitive and freakishly indifferent to one of the most infamous crimes in the city’s history, and one that instantly made international news. They absolutely shredded him for making a mass-casualty scene into his happy place online. Although thousands, including children, will be traumatized for life, he had a great time?

“Ya did? What was your favorite part?” commenter Brad Mayer asked Lonsdale sardonically.

“Yeah I am guessing the eleven kids in the hospital didn’t,” added Derrick Nowlin.

“People were hurt and one fatally, some people are still in critical condition,” wrote Missouri citizen activist Mary Hill. “Given the timing of your tweet, this is far beyond tone deaf.”

“I really hope none of your constituents were shot. But glad you had a great time. Callous,” Hill later posted on her own X account.

“I guess you didn’t get the memo…idiot😒” posted The Blue Prophet.

Referring to the deceased shooting victim, one commenter wrote to Lonsdale, “You should personally tell Lisa Lopez’s family that you had a great time at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade. Then let us know via tweet how it went.”

“Your lack of judgement is astounding. Most classless thing I’ve seen in a long time,” wrote Obi won.

“So glad you got to enjoy yourself whilst people were being shot – awesome. So happy for you. 🤡” wrote John O’Donoghue.

“I could understand if you posted this before the shooting,” Daniel wrote at 5:22 p.m. Wednesday, “but to post this only 35 mins ago? When they are reporting 9 children with gunshots? Pretty tone deaf.”

“I guess you weren’t one of the children that were shot or the mom who died. 🤦🏼‍♀️” added another.

The Heartlander reached out to Lonsdale via phone and email, asking if he could explain why his posts hours after the shooting made no mention of the tragedy that had unfolded; if he could see how tone deaf that appears; and if he’d like to clarify or amend his comment in any way.

Meanwhile, a liberal Chicago radio station picked up on Lonsdale’s post, noting on its “Heartland Signal” X account late Wednesday, “Hours after a shooting that left one dead and more than 20 injured, Missouri State Rep. Chris Lonsdale (R-Liberty) tweets that he ‘had a great time’ at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade.” The station’s post had close to 40,000 views as of midmorning Thursday.

Whereas most of his original X posts garner views in the hundreds or less, Lonsdale’s “had a great time” post had 196,000 views and nearly 600 comments as of midday Thursday.

In contrast to Lonsdale, whose constituents very well may be among the hospitalized, others such as Chiefs players have flooded social media with messages of prayer and support for the victims of Wednesday’s shooting.

“Praying for Kansas City…” superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes posted on X.

“We are truly saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred outside of Union Station at the conclusion of today’s parade and rally,” the Chiefs wrote in a statement. “Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all of Kansas City.”

Meanwhile, wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling reached out plaintively to the victims through his X account, writing, “Any chance anyone can help me get in touch with these kids or families? First off I want to make sure they’re doing ok. But would love to help them out any way I can and get them some stuff from the team to help with the recovery.”



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