Op-Ed: RINO Lincoln Hough is right for lobbyists, wrong for Missouri

Missouri’s political landscape is at a critical juncture, with voters seeking leaders who uphold conservative values and prioritize the interests of the people over special interests.

However, one candidate in the upcoming Republican primary for lieutenant governor, Lincoln Hough, falls short of these expectations due to his concerning progressive voting record.

Despite being part of a Republican supermajority in the state House and Senate, Hough has consistently aligned himself with progressive agendas, earning him the dubious title of a “tax and spend liberal.” His track record speaks volumes, with a series of votes that undermine conservative principles and betray the trust of Missouri’s citizens.

First and foremost, Hough’s support for increasing the gas tax by a staggering 75%, as evidenced by his backing of SB 262, reveals a startling lack of fiscal responsibility and disregard for the financial burden it places on hardworking Missourians. While families struggle to make ends meet, Hough chose to align himself with policies that disproportionately harm taxpayers, demonstrating a concerning prioritization of special interests over the well-being of Missouri citizens.

Equally alarming is Hough’s stance on foreign ownership of farmland. By opposing measures to limit Chinese ownership of agricultural land, he not only jeopardizes national security but also undermines the livelihoods of Missouri farmers. This disregard for protecting American interests should raise serious concerns among voters.

Perhaps most concerning is Hough’s abysmal taxpayer scorecard rating, placing him among the lowest in the Republican caucus.

With a score of just 50%, he has consistently failed to uphold fiscal responsibility and safeguard the interests of hardworking Missourians. His track record of enabling reckless spending in Jefferson City is incompatible with the values of the Republican Party and the expectations of Missouri voters.

Voting against HB 2, which sought to withhold funding for such initiatives, Hough prioritized political correctness over fiscal responsibility and academic integrity. His backing of DEI initiatives in universities demonstrates a troubling embrace of divisive identity politics over merit-based principles.

It’s time for a new path forward in Jefferson City, one that prioritizes fiscal responsibility and accountability to the people. Missourians deserve a lieutenant governor who will staunchly defend conservative principles and champion policies that benefit all citizens, not just the political elite.

In light of his progressive voting record and failure to prioritize the needs of Missouri taxpayers, Lincoln Hough’s candidacy for lieutenant governor on the Republican ticket should be immediately disqualified.

It’s time to send a clear message that the Jefferson City Swamp has no place in Missouri politics, and that true conservative leadership is non-negotiable.

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