Nearly 243,000 illegal border crossers reported in January

(The Center Square) – There were nearly 243,000 illegal border crossers reported in January nationwide, according to new data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

They include 176,205 illegal border crossers along the southwest border. The majority, 124,220, were apprehended between ports of entry.

The remainder were apprehended at ports of entry (marine and air) nationwide, including 15,802 at the northern border, the most in a single month at the northern border in U.S. history.

Approximately 45,000 foreign nationals were processed into the country making appointments on the CBP One App arriving at ports of entry last month, CBP said.

From January 2023 through January 2024, 459,118 foreign nationals from all over the world “have successfully scheduled appointments to present at ports of entry using CBP One” CBP said.

Texas sued to stop the use of the app, arguing, “The Biden Administration deliberately conceived of this phone app with the goal of illegally pre-approving more foreign aliens to enter the country and go where they please once they arrive.”

In one year, through the end of January 2024, over 357,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans were granted parole under a new parole process created by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas contrary to existing law established by Congress.

CBP reported that more than 75,000 Cubans, 144,000 Haitians, 64,000 Nicaraguans, and 92,000 Venezuelans “were vetted and authorized for travel” to the U.S. Among them, more than 74,000 Cubans, 138,000 Haitians, 58,000 Nicaraguans, and 86,000 Venezuelans were granted parole and released into the U.S. despite current law prohibiting their entry.

Those released into the country total more than 60% of Wyoming’s population.

This parole program is one of more than a dozen identified by House Homeland Security Committee Republicans as illegal when making the case to impeach Mayorkas. Texas, leading a 20-state coalition, sued, arguing Mayorkas created “an illegal visa system.”

Mayorkas was the first cabinet member to be impeached in U.S. history on Tuesday after more than 11 million illegal border crossers were reported to enter the U.S. since January 2021. The greatest number of illegal border crossers in U.S. history were reported in December 2023 of over 370,000.

The majority of foreign nationals apprehended illegally entering the country are single adults. Fiscal year to date they total over 721,000, greater than Wyoming’s population of 586,485.

The next greatest number of illegal border crossers are individuals claiming to be in a family unit. Border Patrol agents have no way to determine if those claiming to be family members are actually related since the Biden administration stopped doing DNA testing.

Fiscal year to date, individuals claiming to be in a family unit total over 461,000, the equivalent of more than 78% of Wyoming’s population.

After voting to impeach Mayorkas, one House impeachment manager chosen by U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana, Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyoming, said, “Mayorkas willfully disregarded his oath to uphold our laws and repeatedly lied to Congress about his role in the border crisis and censorship of US citizens – the House held him accountable. As an impeachment manager, I will help make this case to the Senate.”

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