A ‘captive’ Biden is ‘allergic to border security’ even amid humanitarian, national security crises, says Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt

The Biden administration is “captive” to the far-left and is therefore “allergic” to border security – a fact that is endangering Americans, says Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt.

Schmitt, in an exclusive interview Wednesday with The Heartlander, says he is “very concerned” about the likelihood terror groups are entering the U.S. to wreak havoc.

“We’ve heard from senior officials that we’re at the highest state of alert that we’ve been since 9-11,” Schmitt says, “because there are people who want to do us harm that are here right now. That’s the truth.  

“Hopefully nothing happens. But when you have sort of this open borders crowd running the White House, who doesn’t really believe that our borders should mean much because they believe they’re global citizens, these are the consequences. 

“You have people who’ve been apprehended – a lot of people we don’t even know about – that are here who want to do us harm, from places that ought to give people a lot of concern.  

“This is the sense of urgency the Biden administration should have on securing the border. But they’re sort of captive to the left here, and not interested in American sovereignty.”

Meanwhile, contrary to what’s going on in the Senate – where a sweeping but secretive border reform package is being negotiated behind closed doors by leadership – Biden doesn’t need legislation to secure America’s southern border, Schmitt argues.

“No, not at all. He has all the authority, right now under existing law, to secure our border. All you have to do is look at when President Trump was in office; he secured the border with existing law. Joe Biden, on Day 1, reversed a lot of those successful policies.

“So, if he wanted to he could reinstitute all those policies we had under President Trump and we’d have a secure border. But again, this administration is allergic to border security.”

As for the vaunted but elusive Senate border deal, which would reportedly set a threshold of 5,000 illegal immigrants a day before any action is taken to stem the flow?

“Well, no one’s seen any language,” Schmitt says. “I think it’s remarkable that you’ve got people negotiating this thing and no one’s actually seen the text. But my contention is that Joe Biden right now has all the authority he needs to enforce the border and close the border. He just doesn’t want to. 

“We had a secure border under President Trump with the existing laws on the books, but Joe Biden reversed a lot of the policies that were working, like remain in Mexico, the border wall. [Biden] was, in fact, paying contractors $140,000 a day to not build the wall. He sued Texas for their efforts to secure the border. So, you just have an administration that’s not serious about securing the border. And 9 million people later, these are the consequences.

“For a very long time the radical left had written white papers about this, about open borders, and why borders don’t matter or they shouldn’t matter. These people are now in charge. Like, they’re in the White House. They’re running the country. And they just don’t believe the same things that most Americans believe.

“We believe in legal immigration, but illegal immigration should be just that – illegal – and people should be turned away. They don’t want to turn anyone away. In fact, they’re releasing people into the interior of the United States, giving them a court date sometime in the 2030s, hoping they show up. 

“This is all an effort to ultimately lead to some sort of amnesty because you have so many people here you can’t do anything about it. But that’s the wrong approach.  

“We have drugs streaming into our communities. We have unprecedented human trafficking, and we have a national security crisis – on top of, by the way, a humanitarian crisis at the border. There are women and children who are being abused by these cartels. People are being extorted.

“But the left, they’re not interested in solving that problem because they just think anybody who wants to come here should come here. And that’s the kind of policy we have.”

Another topic that’s top-of-mind for Schmitt is the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit to expose and end the administration’s collusion with social media companies to silence conservatives on such matters as COVID origins, lockdowns and vaccines, and the integrity of elections.

It was Schmitt who, as Missouri attorney general, filed the case in 2022 – which the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear even before the trial and appellate courts. The case will be argued before the high court on March 18.

“I’m really proud of that case,” he says. “We uncovered a vast censorship enterprise between Big Government and Big Tech to silence millions of Americans. And so, we have documents showing that the government was coercing and colluding with Big Tech companies to suppress [conservatives’] First Amendment rights. Unprecedented. And this is on Joe Biden’s administration. 

“You know, if it wasn’t for that case, and it wasn’t for Elon Musk actually buying Twitter and exposing the Twitter files, a lot of this would still be in the shadows and people would be called conspiracy theorists for talking about it. But it’s what happened! 

“This can never happen again. So, this case that’s now in front of the United States Supreme Court is the most important free speech case in American history – because the government certainly doesn’t get to censor people, and it can’t outsource that censorship to some of the biggest companies in the history of the world. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Schmitt took to the Senate floor last week to baste the Biden administration for its actions and inactions over the past three years. The Heartander asked Schmitt what he views as the worst part of that record.

“I think [the administration] has just left working families behind,” Schmitt answered. “I was sent here by hardworking Missourians to move a reform agenda. And this administration, with their radical policies, has made everything more expensive. He’s declared war on domestic energy production and spent trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars we don’t have.

“And when you do those two things, the cost of everything goes up, and Americans feel it. So, as much as they’ve tried to tout ‘Bidenomics,’ the truth is, every week when people go to the grocery store they see how expensive things are. And Joe Biden’s to blame for that. 

“I think we can do better, and I think that’s what this next election is going to be all about.”

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