Trump’s access to Illinois’ ballot challenged

(The Center Square) – With former President Donald Trump’s access to Illinois’ primary ballot being challenged, it’s possible his name could appear on the Republican ticket but with a condition.

Nominating petitions for presidential electors are being filed this week to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Elections board spokesman Matt Dietrich said the board can’t discuss the nature of objections.

“Because we do not release anything related to objections until they are in the hands of a hearing officer,” Dietrich told The Center Square. “That’s not going to happen until Jan. 17.”

TCS - Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich

Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that objectors, using the 14th Amendment, claim that Trump is barred for encouraging protestors to storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Trump has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court similar moves from Colorado and Maine.

“It’s time to put a STOP to all of these vicious attempts to REMOVE my name from the ballot,” Trump said in a fundraising email. “That’s why my attorneys have officially APPEALED to the SUPREME COURT to keep my name on the 2024 ballot once and for all.”

Dietrich said Illinois’ objections will be given to a hearing officer, with a recommendation eventually to be made to the bipartisan elections board.

“So you cannot have … one party unilaterally making any decisions,” Dietrich said. “It takes at least five votes to make a board order effective.”

Dietrich said it’s likely Trump’s name will be certified for the ballot Jan. 30, but with a note that an objection is pending. Whatever the outcome of the elections board, it’s expected the case could be taken to the Illinois courts.

FILE - Illinois State Board of Elections

“And that can wind its way all the way up to the Illinois Supreme Court if necessary,” he said. “So it’s possible that’s what could happen with this case.”

The Illinois GOP said it doesn’t take sides in primaries.

“We believe the people, not activist courts, should choose who represents them in the White House,” Illinois GOP Chairman Don Tracy said in a statement to The Center Square. “This attempt to remove President Trump from the ballot without due process is an anti-democracy attempt to limit the voting rights of Illinois citizens and should be dismissed outright.”

The primary in Illinois is March 19. The General Election is Nov. 5.

Kevin Bessler contributed to this report.

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