Pelosi warns against hasty impeachments, Biden walks the UAW picket line and Congress can’t pass a budget. One word describes what Sen. Hawley thinks of it all


That’s what Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley thinks it is that Nancy Pelosi is warning against rash impeachments, Joe Biden is picketing with auto workers, and Congress is in yet another budget crisis of its own making.

Former Speaker of the House Pelosi recently warned that you can’t impeach someone over mere differences of opinion. In an interview with The Heartlander on Thursday, Hawley laughed at the assertion, coming as it does from a Speaker who orchestrated two failed impeachments.

“A new principle she’s discovered after doing it twice to Donald Trump,” Hawley said of Pelosi’s newfound restraint when it comes to impeachments. “I’m sure that they’d impeach Trump a third time if they could – fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. Why stop now?

“This is somebody who has made millions of dollars – millions – off stock trades while she was Speaker of the House. So, here she is with control over legislation, control over national policy, and her husband is trading stock like nobody’s business, making millions and millions of dollars. So, I don’t know that those who live in glass houses ought to throw stones.”

Hawley also finds it rich to see President Biden on the picket line with auto workers this week.

“Well, he’s the reason that these guys are in danger of losing their jobs,” says Hawley, who has been vocal in his support for the striking workers. “These companies are going right along with him – these ridiculous, stupid green initiatives that really just make China rich and America poorer. And his green mandates, his climate mandates – whether it’s electric batteries or solar panels or now his fuel economy standards – nobody’s going to be able to afford to buy these cars and trucks. 

“There are going to be no jobs left in this country, and China is going to be filthy rich. That’s what we’re looking at here. That is Joe Biden. The American people don’t want it. The workers don’t want it. China wants it, so it’s good for them. But I don’t understand it. It is a total, radical-left religion here, and Joe Biden ought to look in the mirror. He is the reason these workers are in such peril.”

As for the possible government shutdown at the end of the week, Hawley says he’s foursquare opposed to it, noting the harm that would come to hardworking government employees and Congress’ sloth in creating the danger.

“I’m opposed to shutdowns on principle. We don’t do them in Missouri. The Missouri Constitution doesn’t allow it. The state legislature has to get a budget done. Congress should have to get a budget done. It’s the basic job of Congress – pass a budget every year. And yet they haven’t done it a single year that I have been in the Senate. Congress has never done a budget. They’ve always had to do some stopgap measure at the end of the year.

“It’s just pathetic. It’s pathetic. But I’m opposed to shutting down the government because Congress won’t do its job.

“I just don’t think it’s right to say to, for instance, our military men and women in uniform, ‘Sorry, you’re not going to get paid because Congress hasn’t passed its budget,’ or to law enforcement or to anybody – people who work in our national parks – ‘Sorry, you’re not going to get paid because Congress hasn’t done what they’ve had nine months to do. I just think that’s wrong.”

As for the House impeachment inquiry, which kicks off Thursday, Hawley said it’s already off to a good beginning.

“I think they’re making a good start. You’ve got (Chairman of the House Oversight Committee) James Comer and the other folks over in the House who have this new information about Hunter Biden now getting paid by Beijing companies and the money is getting wired to Joe Biden’s home. 

“I mean, what is going on here? This is unbelievable, the network of foreign companies and foreign governments who are paying the Biden family. It’s just unbelievable. The American public deserves the full facts. 

“This shouldn’t be done behind closed doors. This all ought to be out in public, so we can all see it. I think they’re off to a good start, but let’s get all the facts.”


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