The Kansas City Royals are welcome to Clay County with open arms

Today’s announcement by the Kansas City Royals is incredible.

A stadium in North Kansas City is a perfect fit for the franchise and Clay County and a giant leap forward for the Northland. As a former member of city council in Kansas City – I could not be more excited about this opportunity.

Finally, something for Kansas City’s Northland.

While the Clay County location is just two minutes away from downtown, it would be easier to access for the entire Kansas City metro. Parking and access points will make this option a no-brainer for fans. It also protects the neighborhood feel. In fact, the drive for someone in Johnson County to a North Kansas City stadium would take less time and traffic.

In contrast, a downtown stadium only creates more headaches for Kansas City.

Many people have referred to the renderings as “Wrigleyville” and as a baseball fan, I get the appeal. This attraction would not be some sort of cookie-cutter development seen in other cities. This would be something unique to Kansas City and our brand of baseball. This is a perfect fit for a city that’s on the rise and I could not be more excited.

The neighborhood feel in this option brings a ballpark village to North Kansas City and attracts new investment while helping existing businesses prosper as well.

Another downtown stadium will not feel as special and if you travel to other cities like ours, you will see that it has all been done before. We already have Power and Light as an attraction – let’s try something new.

The Royals have provided two proposals, and I think it is clear what’s best for fans and the entire Kansas City area. North Kansas City and Clay County are ready to welcome this new stadium with open arms.

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