‘It’s so dirty. It’s so corrupt’: Trump Russian collusion story was fabricated by rival Hillary Clinton, yet she walks

Special Counsel John Durham told Congress Wednesday top Obama administration officials – including President Obama and Vice President Biden – knew back in 2016 that the Russia collusion allegation against Donald Trump was concocted by the rival Hillary Clinton campaign and was approved by Clinton herself.

So, what will come of it – and how is it that Clinton walks free today?

“I have no idea,” Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley told The Heartlander in an interview Thursday. “It tells you everything you need to know – that Hillary Clinton could use the FBI to try and wiretap her opponent in a presidential race. She could destroy 30,000 emails, including classified emails on her server. And she’s 100% free, and Donald Trump is charged with being a spy – the Espionage Act.

“It’s so dirty. It’s so political. It’s so corrupt. And I think the American people see right through it.”

But when are Republicans going to take concrete action on the Clinton collusion scandal or the Biden bribery case, instead of merely holding hearings and wringing their hands on cable news?

“Well, that’s a great question. Our hopes are with the House Republicans, in terms of being able to subpoena people,” Hawley says. “This is what has to happen. 

“The Democrats in the Senate aren’t going to do anything, clearly. They won’t even let us look at the source documents when it comes to the Burisma allegations (of Biden bribery). I haven’t seen them. I can’t get access to them. The Democrats will not demand the FBI bring them to the Hill, will not have them turn them over to us.

“But the House Republicans, thank the Lord, have the power of the subpoena. They can get people under oath, they can bring them up to the Hill. That’s the power they have. I think they’ve been doing a good job on it. They need to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, because we’ve got to hold people accountable here and get to the truth. 

“We would not know anything about these Burisma bribery allegations had it not been for a brave whistleblower who came forward to Senator Grassley and a member of Congress on the House side and told him the truth.”

Yet, instead of working to get to the bottom of two major scandals, Senate Democrats on Wednesday held a hearing in the Judiciary Committee on the supposed benefits of having men compete in women’s sports.

But even there, thanks in large part to the intrepid testimony of former NCAA swimmer and activist Riley Gaines, Hawley says the hearing backfired on Democrats and their committee chair Dick Durbin.

“I think the purpose of the hearing was to push this propaganda that men ought to be in girls’ sports and men ought to be in women’s locker rooms,” says Hawley, who’s a member of the committee and elicited testimony from Gaines. “But boy, she sure shot that down. I mean, it was powerful testimony from her about how men in women’s sports destroys women’s sports, how men in women’s locker rooms threatens and intimidates and poses a security risk to women. She testified about this guy, Lia Thomas, a 6-foot-4 biological male in the locker room with these women. 

“They weren’t told about it. They didn’t give their consent. They weren’t asked for permission. None of it. He was just forced into their locker room. And (Gaines) was like, ‘This is unbelievable.’ None of the women wanted this. Her trophy was taken away from her and given to this biological man. That’s what happened. 

“The real question is, are the Democrats going to do anything to defend women’s sports? Or are they going to continue their campaign to shut down women’s sports all across this country? It’s unbelievable.

“When you had Riley Gaines actually confronting the chairman of the committee, Dick Durbin, and telling him that what he was saying was propaganda – which she did – it was just great. It’s really speaking truth to power. And of course, they hated it. The Democrats absolutely hated it. But it’s really extraordinary to see a bunch of old men sit up there on that dais and tell this young woman that she doesn’t know what it really means to be a woman and she doesn’t know what it means to be a female athlete. I mean, are you serious? 

“She was phenomenal. Great witness.”

Why are Democrats, the NCAA and others so hellbent on allowing biological males who identify as females into girls’ and women’s sports?

”They are so beholden to the radical left, who says that women don’t exist, that women’s sports shouldn’t exist – and if a man like this swimmer Lia Thomas decides tomorrow that he wants to be a woman, then he ought to be able to be a woman, and all the women should just have to live with it,” Hawley says. “And if that means he takes over their sport and he takes over their spaces, he goes into their locker rooms, the women are just supposed to be fine with it.

“I’m not fine with it. I’m the father of a little girl. I’m not fine with it at all. No woman that I know is fine with it. This is crazy stuff. It just shows you how out-of-touch the left has become with normal, sane people.”

The Heartlander also asked Hawley about the Biden administration’s failure thus far to follow the COVID Origins Act the Missouri senator introduced – and which was passed unanimously by Congress and happily signed into law by Biden – which required declassification by last Sunday of all federal information on the suspected lab leak of COVID-19.

Hawley said as of midday Thursday he’d seen no sign the Biden administration was complying with the law.

“This is not optional. It’s not an advisory. It’s not a ‘please, would you please declassify?’ It is the law. They are required to comply. 

“And I can tell you if they don’t comply, then there will be serious consequences. I personally will use every means at my disposal – from shutting down votes in the Senate to holding up their key bills – everything I can do as an individual senator to make sure that they comply with the law and give the truth to the American people.

“They’re supposed to declassify the info, and they’re supposed to put out a report. They haven’t done either of those things, so the clock is ticking. The American people deserve to know what our government knows about the origins of COVID. They’ve been lied to for too long.”


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