Missouri bills restricting trans treatments for minors and sports participation head to governor

Two bills that would regulate transgender care on minors and prohibit males from competing as girls in sports are headed to the desk of Missouri Gov. Mike Parson.

The bill on transgender healthcare would prohibit the use of puberty blockers and hormones, as well as surgical treatment for minors in Missouri. Exceptions will be made for those already receiving treatment, said Local 10 News.

Also under the bill, Medicaid will not cover transgender treatment for adults, while surgery for prisoners and inmates will be prohibited.

“When you have kids being surgically and or chemically altered for life for no good reason, yes, it’s time for the government to get involved,” Rep. Brad Hudson, R-District 138, told colleagues on the House floor Wednesday, according to the AP.

The legislation comes after a whistleblower came forward and alleged that a St. Louis Hospital was lying to parents and to children about the effects of transgender “care” on minors, while rushing to perform such services.

In addition to the legislation, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is investigating the allegations in the case, which involves Washington University’s pediatric transgender care clinic.

Parson, a Republican, threatened to call a special legislative session if lawmakers failed to pass the ban on transgender treatment for minors.

The other bill, regulating participation in sports, would ban biological males from competing against biological females in any sports from kindergarten through the collegiate level, at either public or private schools.

Specifically, the law will allow individuals to compete in sports only aligned with their sex at birth.

“It’s a fair playing field when you have boys playing against boys and girls playing against girls,” bill sponsor Rep. Jamie Burger, R-District 148, said about the House version of the bill, according to the Missouri independent. “And that’s why I filed the bill.”

A recent poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose both transgender care for minors and biological males competing against females in sports at any level. 

Over 60% of Americans oppose males against females in sports, said a recent Washington Post/KFF poll.

Americans were even more unified in their opposition to the use of medical treatments like puberty blockers and hormones for minors suffering from gender dysphoria. The poll found 68 percent of Americans oppose such treatments, while 62 percent support counseling or therapy. 

Restrictions on transgender care for minors have been approved in 18 states, while 21 states have prohibited biological males from competing against biological females in some sports, reports The Hill.

Parson is widely expected to sign both pieces of legislation, which will take effect in August.

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