Biden administration seeking to nullify state laws protecting girls’ and women’s sports, while ignoring abuse of migrant children, Hawley says

President Biden simply doesn’t have the power he is claiming to nullify state laws banning biological males from girls’ and women’s sports, as Missouri is on the cusp of doing.

So says U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, in an interview with The Heartlander.

“No, he needs Congress to actually pass a law that would do that, and there is no way that I’m going to vote for any law that says that girls’ sports are going to be destroyed because biological men are going to play in them. 

“I salute Missouri. I assume Gov. (Mike) Parson will sign it. I think it’s exactly the right thing to do. This is a common-sense deal. Girls should be able to play their own sports. This idea that you would have men in women’s sports is just nuts, and nobody –  nobody – around this country thinks it’s a good idea except for a handful of radical activists who’ve seized the Democrat Party.”

The Biden Education Department earlier this month announced a proposal to unilaterally change Title IX to make it illegal to ban athletes en masse from playing sports outside of their biological sex.

Why the move by this administration – when some 20 states and counting have passed bans on cross-sex sports?

“He’s doing it because he is completely captured by the radical left,” Hawley argues. “He’s not in charge of his own government. He’s not in charge of his own faculties. The radical left are running the show, and he’s completely turned over his government to them. 

“And these people are nuts. I mean, these people think there is no such thing as a woman. They couldn’t define what a woman is. They don’t think there should be women. They think men can be women, and that men who want to be women are just exactly the same as biological women. It’s crazy. It is crazy to anybody who listens to it. And that’s their whole agenda here, is to try to destroy the whole category of women. And it is crazy and it is wrong.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported Monday that immigrant children in the government’s care are being put to work by “sponsors” and perhaps being trafficked right under the federal government’s nose. Indeed, the Times reported one emergency immigrant shelter worker in San Antonio was even fired after trying to alert superiors in the Department of Health and Human Services about the possible trafficking of the children in its custody.

The Heartlander asked Hawley if Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was at all chastened by the report. Hawley basted Mayorkas in a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing Tuesday.

“No, he doesn’t seem to be. He won’t take accountability or responsibility for anything, for nothing, which is why he needs to be removed from office. Listen, this reaches a point at which we’re not talking about policy disagreements anymore. We’re talking about dereliction of duty. We’re talking about a determination not to follow the law, not to enforce the law, and then to systematically mislead Congress. 

“This guy has opened our border, I mean completely opened it. And he is not funding the Border Patrol. He is not giving agents the resources that they need. He’s lying about agents. That famous whipping incident that was completely trumped up and fake? He spearheaded that.”

After the Trump administration was roundly criticized by the left for immigrant children conditions begun under the Obama administration, one may wonder why more reporting such as the Times’ isn’t being done about the situation now, which has worsened measurably: The Times reports that over the past two years alone, over 250,000 children have crossed the border unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.

“They don’t want to know what the consequences of their policies are,” Hawley says of the lack of reporting in liberal media. “They don’t want to know that when you let unaccompanied kids get smuggled into this country that they then get exploited and treated like slaves. The left doesn’t want to know that. And they don’t want you to know it, and so they’re just going to ignore it and turn a blind eye. 

“The truth is, the Biden people have facilitated the biggest child trafficking operation in the United States’ history. The biggest. And yet, they don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to see the consequences. 

“We have got to hold their feet to the fire. We’ve got to bring this into the public and if necessary, we have to remove Alejandro Mayorkas.”

Hawley also weighed in on an IRS whistleblower’s claim that an investigation into presidential son Hunter Biden’s taxes and other dealings is being obstructed by his father’s administration:

“This latest whistleblower allegation that there was interference in an ongoing criminal investigation – that senior officials misled or offered false testimony, lied to Congress – that’s a big deal. 

“I want to hear from this whistleblower. I want to know what he knows. We need to get him protection immediately. He needs to brief all of those committees that have any kind of jurisdiction here. 

“That certainly includes the Judiciary Committee. And there needs to be action, so I’m going to try to find out everything I can. We’ve got to find here how deep the corruption goes.”


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