Hawley: Spy balloon, lack of China in State of Union speech show ‘total weakness on the part of Joe Biden’

China has been walking all over Joe Biden and the footprints were in evidence at the State of the Union speech, says Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley.

The topic of China, the senator told The Heartlander, was noticeably muted in the president’s address to Congress.

“I certainly think that is the case,” Hawley said. “It’s because Joe Biden doesn’t want to admit that he is utterly out of control, that he’s not up to the job and China’s walking all over him and his administration. I mean, just look at the last week: a Chinese spy balloon – a balloon, for heaven’s sakes! – went across the entire United States, including the state of Missouri, took pictures of all of our bases.

“And what did he do about it? Nothing. He tried to conceal it for days. They knew about it days before it actually became public, and it was only because the local newspaper (in Montana) put up a picture on their front page that they had to say something about it. 

“So, it is total weakness on the part of Joe Biden. He’s been letting our jobs go to China. His party has supported disastrous policies that have hollowed out our industries. Our trade policies, all in favor of China. It’s time to stand up to them.”

The only officials who think the violation of America’s sovereign air space by a spy vessel is no big deal, Hawley says, are “Democrats who are desperately worried about the reality of the situation – which shows that Joe Biden isn’t up for the job. And it shows, by the way, that they are willing to lie and dissemble.”

Is the administration compromised by the Biden family’s business dealings with China?

“Well, I tell you what, you have to wonder about what exactly has gone on, with Hunter selling access to his father when he was a senator and then the vice president and even now,” Hawley says.

“The idea that Hunter Biden is taking hundreds of thousands, maybe more, from foreign agents and foreign entities while his father was a high-ranking official, I think just stinks to the high heavens. And we need to get to the bottom of it. We need to know what President Biden’s involvement was.”


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