Hunter Biden’s claim he’s a victim and his critics should be criminally investigated is ‘rich,’ says Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley

Hunter Biden is now on the offensive against his detractors – which Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley finds offensive in itself.

Lawyers for President Biden’s embattled son have asked the Department of Justice and the Delaware attorney general to launch criminal probes against those who’ve shared the contents of the younger Biden’s infamous laptop – including the owner of the computer repair shop where the computer had been considered abandoned.

Interestingly enough, until now Biden had never claimed ownership of the laptop, allowing the full weight of the federal government and most of the legacy media to falsely claim before the 2020 election that his tie to it was “Russian disinformation.”

Now, however, his lawyers claim it’s all a “failed dirty political trick” against Biden, as well as “theft of computer services” from him.

“Well, I guess now we’ve moved beyond ‘the laptop is fake,’ that ‘there’s nothing to see here,’” Hawley told The Heartlander in an interview Thursday. “And now Hunter is saying, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, it was my laptop all along.’

“I think it’s pretty rich coming from a guy who left the laptop, who abandoned it – and by the way, was happy to sit by while the FBI and others lied to the public and said this is Russian disinformation. Turns out he knew it was true. He knew it was valid all along. The FBI knew that it was legit all along.

“These people are unbelievable. It’s just another attempt to shift the narrative, because what we’re finding is, this guy looks like a criminal. His father has classified information in every location where he’s ever lived, apparently, and has lied about it. Hunter potentially had access to that information.

“The more we learn about Hunter’s business dealings, the more it looks like Joe Biden was involved. I mean, this is really serious stuff, which is why we need oversight hearings and a special counsel. And I look forward to getting the reports of both.”

His lawyer’s insinuation that Hunter Biden is a victim in this case is absurd, Hawley said.

“I actually think the Russia line was more plausible than thinking Hunter’s a victim,” Hawley said. “I mean, nobody believes that. I just think it’s ludicrous. And it’s just one lie after another. You cannot keep up with the lying from this administration and their hangers-on.

“This is just a transparent attempt to avoid any kind of accountability – from people who have been exposed as serial liars. So, I don’t believe any of it, and I hope that the special counsel and I hope that the House oversight committees will do their job and get the facts and report those to the American public.”

Repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac has claimed in a book that an FBI agent issued what could be viewed as an implied threat after he offered to turn the laptop over to investigators in 2019. Mac Isaac says he joked with agents about changing their names in a book he’d write about it all.

“It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things,” the stern agent allegedly told him.

Asked if Mac Isaac or others such as Rudy Giuliani – whom Biden’s lawyers accuse of “possession of stolen property” for conveying the laptop contents to the New York Post – have anything to fear now from criminal probes against them, Hawley was aghast at the thought.

The laptop had been abandoned, Hawley notes, and the FBI had allowed and therefore abetted the oft-repeated lie that the laptop wasn’t even Biden’s. How would it look for the government to now attack the only ones who actually were telling the truth about it?

“That would just truly be extraordinary,” Hawley said. “I don’t think even this Justice Department and this corrupt attorney general would do that. But hey, wonders never cease. There is no bottom to this administration we’ve found, and there’s no lie that they are not willing to tell.”


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