Dr. Michael Shafé announces bid for Platte County Health Board

Dr. Michael Shafé has thrown his stethoscope into the crowded race for Platte County’s Health Board.

With eight candidates to choose from, voters will select three to serve on the Platte County Health Board when they go to the polls April 4. Those elected will serve four-year terms as part of the governing body for the county’s health department.

“I’m looking forward to speaking with voters and learning the ropes of local politics. While I’m out knocking on doors, I suppose it brings a whole new meaning to a doctor’s house call,” laughed first-time candidate Shafé. “As a physician, my first instinct is to help others. That’s my calling — my life mission — and that’s what has led me to run for this seat. Our county needs help. Local health policies are more high-profile now than we’ve seen in generations. Citizens want confidence that those crafting these policies know what they’re talking about and have the data to back up their recommendations. I believe they are exactly right to think this way.”

When it comes to campaigning, Shafé’s message consists of four key points: ensuring health policies are backed by modern science, eliminating government overreach, increasing preparedness, and maintaining transparency to the public. It is important to Shafé that local policies are made with the local community in mind. His concern lies with finding a balance between safety and freedom.

“It is vital that we maintain a health board that is driven by facts over fear. While it is always in the community’s interest to promote healthy policies and guidelines, it is just as important for us not to encroach on the freedoms enshrined by our Constitution in the name of ‘safety.’ I believe in a balanced, data-focused approach to ensuring the quality of life in Platte County continues to thrive.”

Born and raised in Missouri, Dr. Shafé is proud to raise his children here in Platte County along with his wife (and fellow doctor), Heather. With an extensive medical resume including emergency care, lecturing at universities, and leading various medical teams, he is well-equipped with knowledge in a wide variety of health fields and topics backed by decades of practice. Additionally, membership on the county’s Board for the Developmentally Disabled serves as experience within a government entity. Outside of the office, Shafé enjoys spending quality time with his family and exploring the great outdoors.

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