Biden has let in hundreds of terror suspects from the ‘botched’ Afghan withdrawal, killer drugs across border, Hawley says

As many as hundreds of potential terrorists, as well as tons of lethal candy-like drugs, have entered the United States on President Joe Biden’s watch, warns Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley.

A Pentagon inspector general is now investigating a whistleblower’s allegation that 324 known terror suspects were hastily allowed into the United States during what Hawley calls Biden’s “botched Afghanistan withdrawal.”

The probe comes just a month after Hawley helped call attention to the alleged incursion. Hawley, along with Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, exposed the startling allegation by a Department of Defense whistleblower in an Aug. 4 letter to DOD Acting Inspector General Sean O’Donnell. The inspector general announced Tuesday he would indeed look into it.

The DOD inspector general already had established that at least 65 suspects on the terror watch list were brought to the U.S. in the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The 324 cited by the whistleblower would apparently be in addition to that.

Allegations include that the Biden administration purposely cut corners on vetting Afghans entering the U.S. – and that Homeland Security officials were authorized to actually delete biometric data that led to terror suspects being on the watch list.

“The Biden team has lied to us about this for over a year,” Hawley said Thursday in an interview with The Heartlander. “They said they followed all the security procedures. We already know that’s not true. They said that they did the vetting. We know that’s not true. And now we have credible evidence that, in fact, they admitted potential terrorists, hundreds of them, into this country.”

When asked about the implications of 324 terror suspects being brought to the U.S. by the Biden administration, Hawley immediately recalls the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 and injured 25,000.

“I mean, think about 9-11,” he says. “Think about the fact that it only took a handful of hijackers to create the worst terrorist incident in American history that killed thousands of people. The idea that there could be hundreds now in this country – to say that it’s shocking is an understatement.

“Why is it [Biden] couldn’t get American citizens out, and he left them to the enemy, but yet he could admit hundreds of potential terrorists into this country?”

The major media haven’t shown much interest in this story, Hawley says – nor have Democrats in Congress, who he says have blocked his proposed probe of the withdrawal.

“They have blocked me in trying to get an independent investigation into what led to the death of those 13 service members at Abbey Gate [at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul], including one from Missouri, and which led to hundreds of civilians being left behind and maybe hundreds of terrorists admitted to this country,” Hawley said.

Any terror suspects let in during the Afghan withdrawal need to be tracked down and deported by the FBI, Hawley said, though sounding skeptical that would happen.

“I asked Director [Christopher] Wray a few weeks ago when he was in front of the Senate. I asked him if he was aware of the potential of hundreds of terrorists in the country. He acted like he didn’t know anything about it, which is typical. I’m sure he was too busy planning the raid on President Trump’s home. But this is his job. His job is to go out and to find these terrorists now and to get them out of this country.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s own Department of Justice announced last month that 8,425 pounds of fentanyl – which can kill in tiny doses – was seized between last October and the end of June. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says drugs such as fentanyl kill 150 Americans every day, and that over 107,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2021.

The Drug Enforcement Administration issued a warning Aug. 30 about candy-like “rainbow fentanyl” currently flooding the border in “a deliberate effort by drug traffickers to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults.”

Yet, the border remains porous, Hawley notes, writing in a Wednesday letter to DEA Administrator Anne Milgram that, “Issuing a warning is a step in the right direction. But it is not enough.” His letter asks for specifics about what the DEA is doing to thwart the scourge.

Again, the senator is highly skeptical that much of anything is being done.

“Well, the Biden administration is doing nothing,” he told The Heartlander. “They’re allowing the cartels to run our border, and as a consequence we’ve got fentanyl and other drugs pouring into our state.

“The Biden administration needs to enforce our laws. They need to interdict these drugs. They need to protect Americans. And they need to actually secure the border. They’re not doing any of it.”

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