Valentine’s support for radical environmental groups disqualifies her for U.S. Senate for Rural Missouri

Next year, our elected officials in Washington, D.C. will be voting on consequential legislation that directly impacts rural Missouri. In 2023, Congress will be working on authorizing the Farm Bill, which is the primary agriculture policy legislation for the federal government. Beyond the Farm Bill, Congress will approve spending bills and energy policies that will directly impact Missouri’s rural communities.

Missouri has a choice in this upcoming election for United States Senate. In Eric Schmitt, we have a candidate that will fight for rural Missouri and will champion common sense policies to fight inflation and lower energy prices. In Trudy Busch Valentine, we have a candidate who will side with radical environmental groups.

Ms. Valentine has a long history of supporting radical environmental groups. In 2013, Ms. Valentine hosted a spring cocktail party for a group—the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center—at her mansion in St. Louis. Feasting on fine food while a classical quartet played, Ms. Valentine rounded up a who’s who of St. Louis City politicians to raise thousands for this Center. This group has consistently fought against policies that help Missouri farmers and promote rural employment opportunities.

The Center’s legal record demonstrates a strong hostility to rural Missouri. In 2002, this radical group attempted to halt a timbering project in Ripley and Carter Counties. Despite an extensive review by the U.S. Forest Service, the group wanted to block jobs to protect a bat. In 2016, the Valentine-backed Center sued to stop including agricultural experts on the Clean Water Commission. More recently, the Center tried to prevent rural Missourians from letting their voices be heard when state bureaucrats purchase rural lands. It is clear this Center does not respect or want to hear from rural Missourians.

We are very concerned about Ms. Valentine’s strong support of this radical environmental Center. In her short time running for public office, Ms. Valentine has not outlined a plan to help rural Missouri. She has not expressed any willingness to fight for Missouri farmers, nor has she condemned her past support of this radical environmental group. Instead, she has endorsed the Biden administration’s reckless spending policies that will lead to higher inflation and rising energy prices.

Rural Missouri does not need a senator who will side with radical environmental groups instead of our rural values. This fall, we will vote for Eric Schmitt, the candidate who will fight for Missouri jobs and for Missouri farmers.

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