FBI, Department of Justice continue to go after concerned parents, says Sen. Ted Cruz

Despite significant backlash over its “domestic terrorist” letter, which critics said targeted parents, Biden’s Department of Justice doesn’t appear to be backing down. And neither is the FBI. 

“Unfortunately, the White House has made a decision, and they’re most definitely not on parents’ side,” Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News Digital. “One of the saddest things we’ve seen under Joe Biden has been a deeply politicized Department of Justice and FBI.” 

Cruz confronted FBI Director Christopher Wray, who appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Aug. 4. 

Cruz pointed out that, although the National School Boards Association (NSBA) apologized for its part in the domestic terrorist letter – which the organization admitted was “indefensible” – the FBI continues to investigate concerned parents based on the attorney general’s memo that followed the letter. 

Cruz also pressed Wray about the “threat tag” the FBI uses to label these parents in its investigations, asking point blank how many parents the FBI has investigated as a result. 

“I asked him about the dozens of parents that they have targeted, that they have interviewed, that they have harassed as a result of that direction,” Cruz recounted. “The FBI refuses to back away from it. They continue to target parents.”   

During his testimony, Wray claimed the FBI is not “in the business of policing speech” regarding school board meetings in which parents speak against overreach in schools, such as aggressive mask mandates or objectionable curricula. 

Cruz fired back, saying there are dozens of cases where parents who have spoken up at meetings were then subjected to questioning and investigations by “G-men showing up at their doors.” 

Scott Smith, whose daughter was sexually assaulted by a boy in a skirt in a Loudoun County Public School bathroom, is one such example Cruz mentioned to Fox New Digital. Smith was dragged out of a school board meeting by law enforcement when he confronted the school board about the incident.  

“The NSBA cited that as an example, and the Biden Department of Justice said to the FBI, ‘go after these parents,’” Cruz said. 

But Cruz sees a silver lining: parents are getting motivated, running for school boards and demanding control of their children’s education. 

“We’re seeing p—-d off moms that don’t like being treated like domestic terrorists,” Cruz said, “that don’t like being treated like they don’t have a voice in their child’s education.” 

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