Hawley, other Republicans, call for a more unified and battle-ready GOP, especially after FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Says one: ‘We’re at war’

Conservatives had better start showing more fight.

That’s the message Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley had for his Republican colleagues in a tweet Monday morning, after Senate Democrats Sunday narrowly passed the massive “Inflation Reduction Act” – an odd amalgam of government spending and tax hikes during a period of inflation and recession.

The $750 billion bill, passed 51-50 by the Senate and to be voted on by the House as early as Friday, would actually raise taxes on nearly all Americans, according to an analysis by the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

“I’ll give the Dems this,” Hawley wrote on Twitter. “With a 50/50 Senate & a historically unpopular president, they passed major (terrible) legislation. Lots of it. They came to do something. There’s a lesson there for the GOP. If they get back Congress, they better be willing to fight.”

Hawley’s sentiment is a growing refrain in conservative circles as Democrats relentlessly grow government, despite having only Vice President Kamala Harris as a tiebreaking edge in the Senate. And his tweet resonated all the more Monday night, after news broke that the Biden FBI, in a stunning and unprecedented act, had raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

“The goal is socialism,” one follower responded to Hawley’s tweet in a video, “where the majority of Americans have to depend on the federal government to survive, and are therefore easier to control.” With massive hikes in taxes, and inflationary government spending, as well as 87,000 new IRS agents to hound small business owners, the tweeted video says, “The Inflation Reduction Act just made [socialism] very, very possible. So, you should be terrified.”

“We’ve seen the complete and total weaponization of our national security state,” retired Green Beret and Washington state congressional candidate Joe Kent told Fox News Monday night after news of the Trump raid. “We have to realize that we’re at war. When we take back the House in 2023, bringing the national security state to heel must be our top priority.”

Trump has said for years it’s not him they’re after – it’s us, and he happened to be in the way, Kent noted:

“It’s a total full-frontal assault. They’re going after every single one of us. So we really need to start electing Republicans who know what time it is … We have to not just bring these people to heel, but we have to start bringing them to full account. I mean criminal charges, too.

“Any Republican who is not ready for that fight is unfit for duty.”

Noting an “invasion” of millions of illegal and unvaccinated immigrants, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, told the CPAC Texas audience Saturday that a GOP majority in Congress next year should at the very least impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. She said Mayorkas has allowed a flow of drugs, criminals and even terrorists over the border while refusing to enforce the nation’s immigration and border laws.

Newly empowered Republicans, says Boebert, also should go after Big Tech internet platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for censoring conservatives, and investigate the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Department of Justice corruption and the Biden family’s international business dealings.

Republicans also need to make a strong case against Democrats’ socialist actions and ambitions, says former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The GOP should look to the model of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who “set out to destroy the moral legitimacy of socialism,” Gingrich notes on a recent “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

“There’s a brilliant small book by Claire Berlinski called ‘There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters,’” Gingrich said. “Berlinski really outlines that Thatcher went on an all-out campaign to defeat socialism, morally, intellectually, and as a matter of daily behavior.”

What Americans today are fighting at the highest echelons of the federal government, Gingrich said, is a coalition of “every anti-American and anti-normalcy group in the country. They represent a deliberate desire to use very large government bureaucracies to impose on the rest of us the world they want to live in.”

There’s certainly a disconnect between what Americans say they want and what the Biden and Obama administrations have given them: Gingrich says that in his research into what people would select if given a choice, “if you pit free enterprise capitalism against big government socialism, it’s actually 59% to 16% in favor of free market capitalism.”

So why are the socialists winning so much? Well, language matters, Gingrich says. While older Americans are almost reflexively anti-socialist, today’s younger generations “have been through schools where they’ve been told over and over again that socialism’s good and it’s caring.” But at the same time, they’re anti-”big-government” when that term is used.

Gingrich’s team also field tested, and won big majorities in favor of, phrases that include restoring “the America that works,” and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s exhortation to look at the content of one’s character and not the color of one’s skin.

“So all those people who are out here trying to invent a new anti-white racism are going right in the teeth of a 91% majority,” he said.

For her part, Boebert isn’t confident that GOP leaders will fight like Democrats as Hawley has suggested.

“I wish I could tell you that I have full faith in GOP leadership, in both the House and the Senate, to defund the deep state and to hold the Biden regime accountable,” Boebert told the CPAC crowd. “But I don’t. I still see far too many squishy Republicans who think that the ‘R’ next to their name stands for ‘roll over.’

“House Republicans always run like conservatives. Now it’s time we govern like conservatives.”

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