Mazzie Boyd running for HD 2 on pro-small business and pro-Second Amendment Platform

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Former Trump White House aide Mazzie Boyd is running for Missouri state representative on a platform of reducing taxes, bolstering small businesses and protecting citizens’ Second Amendment rights. 

Boyd is running to represent House District 2 in Northwest Missouri, which encompasses Worth, Harrison, Grundy, Daviess and Caldwell counties.

“People are just ready for a change, and they’re ready for someone different,” Boyd told The Heartlander. “They don’t want the regular candidate. They want someone new who is going to bring something new to the table because they’ve heard all of these promises that have never been kept. 

“The promise that I always tell people is that I’m always going to stick to my morals and my beliefs. Those aren’t up for sale if I go down to Jefferson City.”

One of Boyd’s top priorities is lessening government oversight and regulations on small businesses, especially those within one’s home, saying she believes the regulations only obstruct a business’ ability to succeed.

“We need to support small businesses, and that includes businesses that are in the home,” she said. “We tend to put more rules and regulations on in-home businesses like daycares, which makes it difficult for people to get up and running. We want young people back in our small towns, and being able to open up a business or work from home is key!”

Boyd also criticized property taxes, saying the government needs to “help give people’s hard-earned money back to them.”

“It’s insane people have to keep paying taxes on a car you’ve already purchased. Money is almost always better off in the hands of private citizens than in the hands of the government.”

After growing up on a fifth-generation farm in Northwest Missouri, Boyd says she understands the priorities of voters in the area because she shares them, adding that one of the premier issues is protecting Missourians against “unconstitutional gun-grabbing schemes.” 

“Right now, Biden’s DOJ is trying to force sheriffs’ offices to supply them with a list of every concealed and carry owner in the state of Missouri,” Boyd said. “Biden is going to do everything to have us repeal (the Second Amendment Preservation Act), and the Biden administration has been trying to bribe red states with money by passing red flag laws.

“We cannot let that happen.”

The 23-year-old’s political interest began at a young age, and her political experience began not long after, she said. After serving as judicial chair and as a student senator in Missouri Western University’s student government, Boyd interned for Sen. Roy Blunt in his Washington D.C. office in 2019.

She then joined former President Trump’s re-election campaign in early 2020. A few months later, she was hired by the White House to serve in the Office of Presidential Personnel, which she did until the turn of the administration. 

After leaving the White House, Boyd served as a communications assistant in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office before coming home and deciding to pursue conservative ideals as a candidate. 

All in all, the Northwest Missourian believes her youth is an advantage in her campaign to represent House District 2. 

“[Constituents] are always like, ‘We need fresh blood, we need new people in there,’” she said. 

“I think the biggest thing is, I bring a new, fresh perspective on government. As a young person, we need to have younger people in the government. I think we can really get things done faster if we have younger people in the government and we could be able to solve these problems we’ve had for the last 20 years. 

“I don’t think it takes a ton of experience to realize that what’s going on in government today isn’t going great.”

Boyd says she’s the only person in the race to receive donations from every county in the district. The first-time candidate also said she has spent her campaign time knocking on doors and attending events to get a solid grasp of what is actually at the top of voters’ minds this election.

“I think far too often, people in Jefferson City go down there with their own ambition and their own initiatives. The people back home are often like, ‘I don’t even care about that stuff. That’s not what’s important.’”

Boyd says she wants to win the election so she can continue her conservative advocacy, but ultimately, she says she’s dedicated to bettering life and pursuing Trump’s America First agenda for Northwest Missourians, win or lose. 

“At the end of the day we need fresh, new people in Jefferson City,” she said. “We need new ideas and people that are ready to go to work. This isn’t something I just thought would be fun to do. My mission remains the same whether I win or lose. I think that has to be said, because most politicians that lose just leave politics entirely instead of continuing to help. When God gives you a purpose in life, you don’t back down. You continue to fight on.”

Boyd is running against Republican Randy Railsback in the primary election scheduled for Aug. 2, 2022.

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