Governor Parson signed 28 bills in June

During the month of June, Gov. Mike Parson (R) signed 28 bills into law. Below is a list of bills signed on each date.

  • June 7: House Bill 1600, House Bill 1697, House Bill 1725, House Bill 2149, House Bill 2365, House Bill 2416, and Senate Bill 987
  • June 11: House Bill 2005
  • June 16: House Bill 1472, House Bill 2162, Senate Bill 655, Senate Bill 718, Senate Bill 725, and Senate Bill 799
  • June 23: Senate Bill 652
  • June 27: Senate Bill 678
  • June 29: House Bill 1552, House Bill 1606, House Bill 1878, Senate Bill 745, and Senate Bill 820
  • June 30: House Bill 1662, House Bill 2116, House Bill 2168, House Bill 2331, Senate Bill 710, Senate Bill 758, and Senate Bill 886

The Missouri General Assembly adjourned the 2022 legislative session on May 13. There were a total of 2,104 bills introduced, and two bills passed. Parson has signed 36 bills since the end of the legislative session.

The Governor of the State of Missouri is an elected constitutional officer, the head of the executive branch, and the highest state office in Missouri. The governor is popularly elected every four years by a plurality and is limited to two terms. Parson is the 57th governor of Missouri. He assumed office on June 1, 2018, following the resignation of Eric Greitens.

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