Conservative Troy Matthews running for Johnson County Commissioner

Johnson County small business owner Troy Matthews has thrown his hat in the ring for Presiding County Commissioner. Running as a Republican, Matthews is running as the true “conservative choice” in this local race. 

The Republican primary election will be on August 2nd, where Matthews faces off against several opponents. If successful, he will go on to face a Democratic challenger in November’s general election.

“Johnson County deserves leaders with a background in our local issues,” remarked Matthews. “I’m a family man, farmer, small business owner, and active member of our community. We must look past all the noise and really ensure we have true conservative voices representing us in local government. It’s easy to claim to stand for freedom, but then choose to enact mandates that violate our rights and make big government even bigger. Join me in my mission to shrink government and keep our county great!”

A proud lifelong Missourian, he is a strong supporter of conservative values and the rural Missouri way of life. Matthews boasts a background of over 30 years as owner of Matthews & Sons Construction, as well as being a family farmer for over 45 years. Among his campaign promises, Matthews has drawn special attention to his plans to keep local taxes low, upgrade infrastructure, and bring greater support for local farms and businesses.

“Our farmers and local businesses have all been affected by burdensome regulations, inflation, and other government interference. And, really, all of Johnson County’s families are feeling these effects. As Presiding Commissioner, I’ll work to shield our community from the endless red tape so our economy can continue to grow and bring jobs to the county.”

While active in his community, this is Matthews’ first time running for public office. Matthews has previously spent time serving in his community as a member of the Johnson County Planning and Zoning Commission, USDA County Committee, Missouri Farm Bureau, and local Cattlemen’s Association. Troy and his wife, Gale, are the proud parents of their son, Sam, and enjoy spending their time volunteering throughout the county and working on their family farm. 

“For Republicans looking to make an informed choice in August, know this: when I give my word, I keep it. And I give my word that, if elected, I will do everything in my power to remove state and federal government overreach from our lives. I believe the job of the county commissioners is to defend our county from career politicians and eager bureaucrats—and that’s just what I plan to do. No RINO nonsense.”

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