Janet Arnold announces bid for Missouri’s 28th Senate District

BOLIVAR, Mo. – Janet Arnold has announced her bid for state senator of Missouri’s 28th District in western Missouri. 

The district includes portions of Benton, Cedar, Dallas, Hickory, Henry, Pettis, Polk, Vernon and St. Clair counties. 

If elected, atop of Arnold’s list of priorities is passionately contesting further pandemic-related restrictions and/or mandates. 

“When I become elected, I am going to fight against the (vaccine and mask) mandates,” Arnold said. “That is the hill I will die on because nobody has the right to tell you what to put in your body at any time and to wear a mask on your face. This country has never been locked down as far as healthy people go. This was nothing but control.”

Arnold says she believes there could be a snowball effect from the initial restrictions and lockdowns in response to COVID-19. 

“We have to have freedom and we are losing our freedom,” she said. “They take a little here, a little there and before you know it, it’s full-blown and we have got to stop it.”

Another top priority for Arnold is ending the teaching of critical race theory and its principles in Missouri schools. 

“To teach children that if they have a black parent or a white parent, that they are to begin hating their white parent and identify as black is horrible,” Arnold said. “This is not America at all.”

Arnold also does not support allowing biological males to compete against biological females in women’s sports. She believes it to be hypocritical of Democrats to call for women’s equality, yet advocate for biological men – who have a vast physical advantage – to be able to compete against biological women in sporting events. 

When asked why voters should choose her over other candidates, Arnold said she will be their eyes, ears and voice in Jefferson City and will keep voters updated with everything going on at the Capitol during the legislative session. 

She also passionately encourages voters to get involved with the political process so they can find opportunities to make a difference and stay apprised of relevant legislation. 

“We’ve gotta save Missouri,” she proclaimed. “It’s time for every person in the 28th District to get involved in what is going on in Jefferson City. That will make them proud to be a Missourian, because they will be getting involved and they will be changing things happening in Missouri that they don’t like. When you are a part of a change, you feel proud.”

Arnold recently attended Lincoln Days in Bolivar and Wheatland, and plans to continue attending similar events throughout the campaign. She will face off against incumbent Sen. Sandy Crawford and Bill Yarberry in the Republican primary on Aug. 2. Visit Arnold’s Facebook campaign page for more information.

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