City of Springfield designs website and app for residents to report potholes and damaged streets

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Dylan Lanz actually changed his route to work just to keep him and his car safe. That’s how bad the roads are.

Indeed, a local business owner who asked to remain anonymous told The Heartlander he has even gotten pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence after having to swerve around a pothole. He believes others shouldn’t be subject to the same suspicion for simply dodging potholes that could potentially damage their vehicles.

The city of Springfield is hoping its new online tool can help. 

The city has designed a website and the GoSpringfieldMo phone app for the sole purpose of reporting potholes and/or damaged streets. Springfield is asking drivers to report such road damage as soon as it’s discovered so city workers can begin fixing the issues as soon as possible.

Lanz told The Heartlander that although he is happy to see the city attempt to resolve the chronic issue, he’ll hold his breath until he sees results. 

“If they have a website and get something done about it, take advantage of that,” the Springfield resident said. “If we see real results from that, we’ll see.” 

Springfield Public Works Superintendent Colten Harris told The Heartlander potholes are more prevalent in city streets this time of year due to the freeze-thaw cycle during winter. During heavier rain in the spring, water flows through and washes out entire portions of some streets. 

Harris says the city patches approximately 3,000 potholes a year.

Springfield currently only has one crew to patch potholes and fix city streets, and is looking for more workers to fulfill the additional requests filed on the app/website.

For more information on how to report potholes or to download the app, visit the city’s website here.

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