Dakota Worrell Announces Candidacy for State Representative of Independence

Pro-Liberty candidate Dakota Worrell has announced his candidacy to unseat Rep. Robert Sauls, a Democrat, as State Representative of House District 21, comprised of the city of Independence. Rep. Sauls barely won a close race in 2020, and Dakota looks forward to competing against him this election season.

“I believe in the core freedoms promised by our Founders, which is fitting for a guy running to represent the City of Independence,” said Dakota. “We currently have a representative who barely edged out his opponent in a contentious election year. I am running to give the people a representative who believes in our Missouri values, namely, a reliance on self instead of Big Government. This includes independence from elites and tax-and-spend liberals who champion the socialist welfare state.”

Dakota, a lifelong Missourian, works at a digital media and advertising business, Harris Media. In the past, he has worked for Trump Victory Virginia and Uniting Missouri.

Dakota’s legislative agenda focuses on securing government accountability, combatting waste, and keeping taxes low. Dakota also emphasized the importance of education. “Better schools is the best service that the government can provide that actually does good for people, besides defense” he said. “But the goal of education should prepare good citizens with the tools they need to succeed in the world, not to indoctrinate kids to radical points of view. To that end, I think we need to reign in out-of-control districts pushing their leftist ideology like critical race theory in our classrooms. These are not the Missouri values we want our children picking up.”

“I think President Truman said it best when he said, ‘My own sympathy has always been with the little fellow, the man without advantages.’ A good education without political indoctrination can go a long ways to help local families succeed,” said Worrell. 

Dakota spoke about his philosophy of government as a whole: “I think the last thing we need is more government. Our historic community was named after the essential idea of ‘independence.’ That means freedom from the government,” said Dakota. “The whole idea of independence revolves around us controlling our own lives and our own paychecks. I don’t want the government taxing our citizens, particularly our senior citizens, out of existence. I also think we need to do more to make sure our elections are secure and free from fraud. We cannot trust the people in government unless we trust the voting processes that get them there.”

Dakota has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.

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