James Lowman announces bid for state representative in Jackson County

Jackson County technology consultant James Lowman has announced his candidacy for state representative. The district includes parts of Independence and Kansas City. Running as a Republican, Lowman will appear on the primary ballot in August.

“This moment in time will certainly be in the history books, but for all the wrong reasons,” said Lowman. “Inflation and daily costs have risen astronomically. Violent crime is at an all time high in Missouri, while extremists are calling for the defunding of our police. Dictators and terrorists are emboldened to commit atrocities because of weak politicians. We must put commonsense leadership back in charge across the nation if we hope to return to prosperity. That starts with state government.”

Lowman touts his strong background in information technology as a vital skill needed in our government leaders. Before starting his IT consulting firm, Lowman worked in broadcast radio, broadcast automation, and other management information services.

“In this digital age, it is vital that our leaders are not just willing—but able—to stand up to Big Tech. If we don’t have people in office who can speak their lingo and keep track of how their systems operate, corporate giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google will continue to run circles around our rights of free speech and privacy. I am not afraid to roll my sleeves up and get to work on ensuring your rights are protected and respected.”

Beyond the tech sector, Lowman is also concerned about local issues such as drug abuse, education, trust in our elected officials and election integrity, and supporting the brave men and women of our police, fire and emergency services. He is a strong supporter of the right to bear arms, alongside other core conservative pillars.

“Our community is seeing the effects of liberal local leadership: Critical Race Theory in our schools, distrust in our elections, and increased crime rates. Meanwhile, leftists continue to advocate for higher taxes and more government control of our lives—cancelling those who dare to disagree. I say no more! It’s time to hold politicians accountable and correct our course before it’s too late.”

Lowman attended Truman High School and later enrolled at Wentworth Military Academy where he graduated high school. He earned his associates degree from Wentworth Military Academy Junior College as a cadet officer before going onto Rockhurst College. He hopes to bring the core fundamentals he learned from his time at Wentworth Military Academy to the Missouri House: leadership, discipline, duty, honor, integrity, and to “Achieve The Honorable.”

Lowman is the Vice Chair of the Wentworth Military Academy Museum and is a member of multiple Jackson County Masonic organizations. He is also the co-founder of the Masonic Christmas for Jackson County Foster Kids program, as well as many other community outreach programs to assist those in need in the communities of Jackson County.

James Lowman has hired Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign. 

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