Parkville Businessman Tom Hutsler Announces Candidacy for State Representative in Platte County

PRESS RELEASE – Plate County native Tom Hutsler has announced his candidacy for State Representative of House District 12. The district includes Parkville and Riverside in the southern portion of Platte County.

“I consider myself a man of action, and that means where others may shy away, I am ready to take charge and lead,” said Tom. “I don’t back down from a challenge, and I am ready to give the people of this district my all. A lot of politicians are all talk, and no action. Well, I’ve literally stared down the barrel of a gun and come out the other side. Career politicians and bureaucrats don’t scare me.”

Governor Mike Parson awarded Tom the Missouri Public Safety Medal for his role in defending a licensing office in Parkville. A woman threatened the safety of employees, left the building, grabbed a handgun from her purse and fired a shot, then started to return to the office. Tom had followed her outside and blocked her path, even refusing to budge when she brandished her weapon. Tom went on to assist an off duty police officer by wrapping his arms around her and maneuvering her to the ground, ending a dangerous situation with no serious injuries. Governor Parson referred to Tom as “inspirational,” and commended Tom for his courageous actions.

Tom is a Platte County native and graduated from Park Hill High School in 1973 and earned his Bachelor Degrees in Economics from Southwest Missouri State University. For the past 25 years, Tom has been President of Joint Sales & Development, Inc., a real estate management company. Tom is an active member of his community, serving as Chairman of the Parkville Old Towne Market Community Improvement District and is the Manager of Olde Mill Emporium Event Hall and the Park Place Event Hall. He earned his Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop 314 of Platte Woods United Methodist Church and was active in youth fellowship. He is a lifetime member of the NRA.

Tom’s legislative priorities include increasing support for law enforcement and disaster preparedness in the state, investing in Missouri’s infrastructure, and improving the accountability of school districts to parents and students.

Remarking on his priorities, Tom said, “I believe parents know best when it comes to the education of their kids. I’ve seen how unaccountable school bureaucrats can wreak havoc on students’ lives. My own Asian-American son was steamrolled because educators acted irresponsibly. As representative, I will work to ensure no family or student exists at the mercy of critical-race-theory spewing social justice warriors.”

Tom and his wife, Winnie, have four children: Kelsey (25), Tommy (15), Nicky (11), and Christopher (9). Like Tom and Winnie, their sons attend Park Hill schools. In his free time, Tom enjoys attending his sons’ sporting events and cheering them on.

Tom Hutsler has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.

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