Republican candidate Marty Marler announces bid for State Representative in Franklin County

Marty Marler has made his campaign announcement for Missouri House District 119. The district is located within Franklin County and is currently represented by Rep. Nate Tate. Marler is the first candidate in the race to announce ahead of the Republican primary in August. Running as a constitutional conservative, Marty aspires to win his primary and go on to face a Democratic challenger in the general election.

“There is no doubt in my mind that now is the time to run for state representative,” stated Marler. “Radical liberals have proven they will stop at nothing in their attempts to destroy our American way of life. We need strong conservative leaders to stand up against this nonsense and block any efforts to restrict our freedoms.”

Marler is a member of the Sullivan Chamber of Commerce, a Licensed Land Surveyor, and owner of Marler Surveying Company, Inc (26 years in business). He also owns and manages the Marler Timber and Tree Farm. His decades in these industries have opened his eyes to the burdens that government red tape can have on Missouri’s farmers and business owners. He has vowed to reduce the regulations that are suffocating our economy during these difficult times.

“We are seeing record levels of unemployment and inflation across the country. And what is the Democrats’ response? Increasing regulations and pushing for even more tax-and-spend policies. Family farms and businesses are suffering. We need to be working to help these people, not just offering them empty promises and delayed action. Starting on day one, I will work to cut regulations that are preventing Missourians from achieving the American Dream.”

Marler has committed to being “the most pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-community candidate” in his race. He has mentioned his intention to address the infrastructure needs of his district as well as the oft-ignored drug use issues that have grown in recent years. 

“If you want to defend innocent life—born and unborn—then I‘m your guy. If you want to ensure your rights to worship and bear arms shall not be infringed, I’m the candidate for you. If you care about fixing real issues like the Highway 44 potholes and the drug use and addiction that have affected our community, I’m ready to get to work. I will fight for your rights, not special interests, each and every day in the Missouri Capitol. That’s not just a slogan—it’s my guarantee.”

Marty Marler has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.

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