State Representative Ron Copeland to run for re-election

PRESS RELEASE – Incumbent Ron Copeland will be seeking a second term in the Missouri House of Representatives in the Republican primary on August 2, 2022. Due to redistricting, Copeland will run in the new 120th house district, which includes all of Dent and Crawford counties. As of now, Copeland stands unchallenged in the Republican field for his seat.

“I am proud of all the progress we’ve made on issues like the Second Amendment and fiscal responsibility this past session,” stated Copeland, “but there is still so much more to do. Now that I’ve served in the Missouri House, I realize just how big government has become. My goal remains the same: to reel in regulations and let people take back control of their lives.”

Copeland is a proud pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-law enforcement member of the Missouri Republican supermajority. He was first elected in 2020 to replace the termed-out Republican before him. Since taking office, the state representative has filed legislation to support the logging industry of his area, as well as co-sponsored bills to ensure law enforcement remains fully funded throughout the state.

“I’m surprised by some of the legislation I’ve had to push for in my short time here. It just serves as another example of how out-of-touch radical liberals have become. I’ve co-sponsored a bill to protect employees from being discriminated against for their vaccination status and fought hard to ensure veterans are honored for their service. I have worked on multiple bills about public safety, because extremists want to defund our police right here in Missouri. And I’m proud of each of these efforts to keep socialism out of our lives.”

For Copeland, love of God, family, and country comes first and foremost. With a background in the Missouri National Guard and the Missouri State Highway Patrol, he understands that freedom is never free. Therefore, he has made it a priority to focus his time in office to defending the constitutional rights of all Missourians.

“Without our core freedoms, what do we have? Nothing—no, worse than nothing: tyranny. My job as a representative is to be your voice and ensure your rights are never infringed upon. Any good policy we accomplish must be built on top of that solid foundation. I am adamant about reminding my peers of what our job here in the capitol is first and foremost. I’m determined to hold politicians accountable to their word to ensure conservative principles are maintained here in Missouri.”

Ron and his wife, Denise, are longtime residents of Dent County and attend Grace Community Church. When not in the office, Ron can be found at his home in Salem spending time with his wife, children, and granddaughter. 

Ron Copeland has retained Axiom Strategies as consultants on his re-election campaign.

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