Op-Ed: After a year, even the Left is upset with Biden

“I will bring America together and unite our nation, and ask every American to join me. We will join forces, stop the shouting and lower the temperature. Without unity there is no peace.” – President Joe Biden

When the DNC saw socialist Bernie Sanders take three primaries, they panicked! They turned over every political gravestone looking for someone who might defeat a populist Donald Trump. But they found an electable comrade. So they recycled the relic Joe Biden to pair with a progressive mate they’d sneak into the west wing shortly after Biden stumbled through the inauguration ceremony.

Biden was told to choose a progressive black woman as the president in waiting. The left’s entire suspenseful vetting process was a tactic to fictionalize the résumé of the most progressive female politician in America, Kamala Harris. By Election Day 2020, the far left and the liberal media hacks had convinced America that Democrats had the most moderate and diverse ticket in U.S. history.

Hidden in his basement bunker, Biden campaigned to unite America. But a year after he defeated the evil Trump, he has dug his political grave. Like leftists before, he promised a chicken on every barbecue, a Flintstone car in every garage and an alphabet soup of alluring government programs. And this would not cost Americans a dime. All of this stuff would be paid for by taxing the evil rich.

Biden promised to dump Donald Trump, expand government, end political chaos and return order to Washington. But at the end of his first year, he is in a political meltdown. He created more chaos with his all progressive agenda. And VP Harris is considered a bully, a malcontent and a liability.

“I’ve never been content assuming a subordinate role in anything I’ve ever done.” – Kamala Harris

The once comic Joe Biden is no longer a joke but a serious threat to American republicanism. He has created sociopolitical and economic havoc by dividing the races, the classes and Congress.

After Biden’s first year, the Consumer Price Index marks inflation at 7.5%, highest since the Jimmy Carter years. Seniors and families across the U.S. are struggling to survive as the price of used cars, gas, fuel oil, food, housing and all consumer goods soar into the stratosphere.

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the past year import prices have risen 10.4%, while shortages of consumer goods are getting worse. Much of this is due to the labor shortage fueled by Biden’s unnecessary stimulus checks and marathon of unemployment benefits. Biden made it easier “not to work.”

“Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?” – Andy Rooney

The guy who brags about his ability to wheel and deal wanted to be president so badly, he sold his soul to the progressive devil. But he can’t sell America on their socialist laundry list. He’s lost voters on both sides of the aisle as well as independents, and he also has caused a deep divide within his own party.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows only a third of America approves of Joe Biden. It revealed voters feel he divided America more. It shows Biden has lost support from socialist progressives for not expanding federalism. Among those surveyed, 57% disapprove of Biden’s economy; 54% feel his foreign policy has failed, 55% say he made the pandemic worse, and 66% dislike his partisanship.

“Voters gave Joe Biden a huge mandate but Republicans won’t allow him to fill it.” – U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Joe Biden, like fellow Democrats Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, promised to expand federalism. They forced aggressive social programs through Congress even though many of them were unpopular. But both Biden and Harris can’t peddle their all-progressive wish list to anyone.

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was tumultuous, and it damaged our relationship with India, the biggest democracy in the world. U.S. troops in Afghanistan were a security buffer for India to protect them from the Taliban terrorists and the nuclear armed Pakistanis. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan as an important step to move into India.

Discontent for Biden’s order to teach CRT in public schools resulted in Virginia electing Winsome Sears, a black woman as lieutenant governor, and Glenn Youngkin as governor, both members of the GOP. The GOP also flipped the Virginia House. This is a national trend against Biden’s progressive agenda.

“Both black and white parents across America are rebelling against teaching CRT!” – Clay Travis.

Biden promised to end the pandemic. Yet his numerous federal mask and vaccination mandates failed miserably. Now he has no answer for the growing infections caused by the omicron variant.

As Roger Ebert wrote, “There’s trouble in paradise” for Biden and Harris when media and their own party turns against them. The liberal media handmaidens are ignoring his preposterous assurances that inflation is only temporary, the supply chain is moving smoothly, America is now accepting the teaching of CRT in public schools, there is no labor shortage and his foreign policy is working well?

Four Texas House Democrats – Vicente Gonzalez, Henry Cuellar, Lizzie Fletcher and Marc Veasey – sent Biden a letter demanding he rescind his mandate canceling drilling for gas and oil on federal land. Led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, socialist progressive House members and senators, Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are critical of Joe Biden’s relationship with Congress.

Author Cassandra Lawrence wrote, “The grass is not always greener.” Biden’s failures are a result of the left’s claims he’d end America’s political chaos. Yet until the pandemic under Trump, America had the best economy in decades. Unemployment was the lowest in a century. The stock market was on fire. The Fed raised the interest rate to keep inflation in check. The only chaos in America was the countless scandals and investigations proliferated against President Trump by the far left.

Biden long prided his ability to block distractions and focus on his mission. He also takes credit for brokering Senate deals with both parties. He cites his work with segregationist Democrats as proof. But that was Biden then, and this is Biden now. And with Harris’ recent gripes about being “left out,” Democrats worry Biden has divided his own party worse than he has Democratic and independent voters. Only time will tell. We’ll find out how much trouble there is in paradise during the midterms.

Our founders gave us a government of “we the people,” not of politicians. Our nation was crafted to be run by patriots, not politicians. When voters elected the first patriot since George Washington, career politicians and media ganged up and took him out. Patriots serve for the love of county and politicians serve for parties. Was Biden best for America? Are voters happy with their choice now?

“Some people love me, and some don’t. That’s OK; as long as they love America!” – Donald Trump

It’s been said many times that no matter who you vote for, you never get the results you expected. “Politics has become such a bad profession, no one good goes into it any longer.” – Donald Trump

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