Historic $7.9 million mansion and over 10 acres of underground mining shafts for sale in Elsberry, MO

ELSBERRY, Mo. – A $7.9 million mansion has come up for sale in Elsberry, Missouri. The home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms and over 10 acres of underground mining shafts. 

The house is located at 2662 N Highway 79, Elsberry, MO, a small town just north of St. Louis. The land that the house sits on was first bought in the 1850s by Fielding Wiggington well before the founding of Elsberry in 1879. He built a small home out of logs and spent the next few decades purchasing more and more of the surrounding land. 

In 1904, the Wigginton family agreed to let the Crystal Carbonate Lime Company mine on their land. That company would mine until the rights shifted hands to the Columbia Mining company in 1924. Eventually the property was inherited by Fielding’s granddaughter, Ida. 

Ida and her husband lived in the house with their children while the mining continued as the couple expanded the house over the years. Mining on the property ceased in the 1960s when Ida grew tired of the blasting in the mine. 

She sold the property to the Hoechest family in 1972 but continued to live in the house until her death in 1975. Since then, the house has been remodeled into the mansion that it is today. 

Unsurprisingly, the most prominent feature of the house are the three mine shafts on the property. The smallest shaft is only 3,000 square feet, but the largest takes up a massive piece of underground at 417,000 square feet.

With over 10 acres of underground mining shafts to be explored paired with a beautiful and historic mansion, the property should expect some extra traffic by either potential buyers or history enthusiasts. Those interested in more information on the property can visit the listing here.

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