Faith Community Health in Branson to forgive all past debts and penalty fees for 2021

BRANSON, Mo. – The year of Jubilee has come to Faith Community Health in Branson as they are forgiving all past debts and penalty fees accumulated throughout 2021. 

Interim Director of Faith Community Health Ann E. McGregor told The Heartlander that the idea came from an employee in FCH’s financing department who came forward and showed McGregor that the hospital had a serious issue with past debts.

McGregor says that the facility decided not to collect on the debts because FCH is a sliding-scale facility that does not accept health insurance. Therefore, she feels collecting the debts would take away from their main purpose of helping the uninsured or those without resources. 

“We are very fortunate here at Faith Community Health, we have very few no-shows,” McGregor said. “The majority of the people who see us, really value what we offer them and at the cost that we offer them. We’re able to get them medications for $10 a month. Everything they need for $10 a month, assuming they qualify. It’s phenomenal and we’re able to help people get back to health.”

According to McGregor, the majority of FCH’s patients are the head of their household and typically have to put others’ medical needs before their own. Consequently, these patients often develop major health problems in the future due to denying their bodies of medical assistance for extended periods of time. 

“By the time we see them, they most likely have a chronic condition. They may present with a toothache, but the toothache is due to undiagnosed diabetes,” said McGregor. “If they’re not taking the steps towards health then inaction is the opposite. Eventually that spirals and you do have to have catastrophic health care needs met.”

McGregor said FCH was started 10 years ago by a group of community members who realized the Ozark Mountain region needed better care for people without health insurance. Those interested in more information on FCH and how to donate can visit their website.

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