Former Republican Congressman Tom Coleman has built a reputation of slamming conservatives and Trump supporters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Former U.S. Rep. Tom Coleman spent 16 years representing Missouri’s 6th Congressional District as a Republican, but has since built a reputation of targeting conservatives and Trump supporters. 

After representing hundreds of thousands of Missourians from 1976 to 1993, Coleman left office to become a lobbyist in Washington D.C., bringing up questions on whether his loyalty was to his constituents or furthering his own career.

After lobbying D.C. politicians for over a decade, Coleman started his law firm in 2005, Tom Coleman Associates LLC, which he still operates. However, the former Congressman’s interest has turned to regularly bashing conservatives and the Republican Party through opinion pieces published on his website and by liberal publications such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Kansas City Star. 

Infamously anti-Trump, Coleman has repeatedly spouted baseless claims accusing the former president of being criminally involved with foreign entities and other unproven accusations. Since he began posting opinion pieces on his website in 2018, the vast majority of articles Coleman has written or republished have degraded, insulted and targeted the 45th U.S. president. 

Coleman was so convinced that Trump committed crimes within his real estate empire while president that he actually tried suing him, though the case was deemed moot and thrown out by the Supreme Court.

Although Biden took office nearly a year ago, Coleman has kept a tight focus on Trump on his website and social media. Continually attempting to keep the anti-Trump narrative alive, Coleman shared a post on Monday insisting that the flawed and widely-discredited Mueller report showed evidence of Trump obstructing justice. 

Not only has the former Republican Congressman turned widely anti-conservative, he seems to have completely switched sides and become a Democrat. Since Joe Biden took office in January, Coleman has bragged about Joe Biden’s controversial policies and advocated for stricter mask mandates for public schools, praising Biden’s attempt to do so.

Additionally, while Attorney General Eric Schmitt has continually fought off local, state and federal attempts to mandate masks – a move vastly supported by Missouri voters – Coleman has attacked the attorney general for his efforts against unconstitutional COVID-19 restrictions.

Coleman is also an advisor to the liberal non-profit ‘Protect Democracy’, which was founded in late 2016 as an anti-Trump organization. The non-profit has strong ties to Black Lives Matter and attempted to sue federal law enforcement officers on behalf of Don’t Shoot Portland, an entity founded by prominent BLM activist Teressa Raiford.

Protect Democracy is also littered with former Obama administration officials and former far-left staff from Capitol Hill. Boardmember Cecilia Muñoz served as Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council under President Obama, and earlier as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs where she oversaw the Obama administration’s shaky relationships with state and local governments. 

The organization’s Communications Coordinator, Aaron Baird, also served as a Senior Political Advisor for Congressman Adam Schiff, who continuously falsely accused President Trump of being criminally involved with foreign entities.

Coleman’s reputation of being loudly anti-conservative and bolstering liberal policies comes as a surprise to some as the district he used to represent hasn’t elected a Democrat in over two decades. Although, many assume the former Congressman’s switch in political ideology is the reason behind him permanently moving to Washington D.C. after leaving office.

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