Republican Mazzie Boyd is running for State Representative in HD 2

DEKALB COUNTY, Mo. – Former Trump White House aide Mazzie Boyd is running for state representative to represent HD 2 encompassing DeKalb, Davies, Harrison and Gentry counties. 

The Missouri Western graduate grew up on a fifth generation farm in Northwest Missouri and said she has always had an interest in politics. During her time in college, she served as Judicial chair and as a Student Senator in the school’s governmental body and “was always the only Republican in the room,” she said.

Boyd also interned for Sen. Roy Blunt and continued her conservative advocacy by working for President Trump’s reelection campaign. After a few months on the campaign, Boyd was hired by the White House to serve in the Office of Presidential Personnel. After the turn of the administration in January, Boyd was hired to work in Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office as a communications assistant. 

As her time in Washington D.C. came to a close, Boyd decided to come back home and put her efforts towards furthering conservatism and Trump’s America First policies in Missouri. 

“I was born and raised here,” Boyd told The Heartlander. “I’ve seen agriculture move throughout the years, I’ve seen small businesses move throughout the years and I’ve really seen what bad leadership has done to our country.  I really want to make sure the district is represented well and that they know they’ll have someone fighting down in Jefferson City for them.”

The 23-year-old believes that her youth will only help her as she has already received overwhelming support from the district.

“In my area, I haven’t run into anyone who has said, ‘You’re too young.’ The people in the district that I’ve spoken to have actually been very supportive and excited for young individuals like myself to get involved,” Boyd said. 

She also feels that it’s beneficial to not have any prior alliances in the legislature that she would feel pressured to stick with when it comes to picking sides on specific issues.

“Not knowing a ton of people down there, I’m excited to be able to go to Jefferson City with a clean slate and really try to work hard for the people of Northwest Missouri. I won’t be there just to say I’m a representative, I truly want to help our state and our country.”

One of Boyd’s priorities if she’s elected is looking into the meatpacking industry which she said is vastly monopolized and dominated by only four companies, one of which is owned by a Chinese holdings company: Smithfield Foods. 

Boyd wants to look into the legality of these companies dominating the market and see what the state legislature can do to help Missouri’s local meatpacking companies have a larger presence in the market.

Another priority for Boyd if she’s elected is reforming Missouri’s welfare system, saying that it prevents people from wanting to work and keeps them in an endless cycle of poverty.

“People shouldn’t ever be living off of the government,” she said. “I mean things happen, right? But welfare was never meant to be this long term thing for everyone to rely on.”

The Northwest Missourian hopes to reduce the amount of time an individual is able to stay on government assistance programs. Currently, an individual is allowed to receive cash assistance from the government for up to 45 months in the state of Missouri.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s not getting done about it and we just keep throwing money at people expecting them to work. But, who’s going to want to work when they have a $2,000 check coming in for free?”

When asked her opinion on President Biden’s vaccine requirement for private employers, Boyd called it an “intentional governmental overreach,” and pointed out Biden’s repeated campaign promise to not implement any vaccine mandates.

“Well, I think if there is hell on Earth, this is it,” she said about Biden’s presidency.

Boyd said she has already met with every county commissioner in HD 2 and plans to knock each door in her district at least three times before election day to speak with voters and answer any questions they may have. 

To find out more information on Boyd and her campaign, she encourages people to visit her campaign website or Facebook page

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