Meet Jasper Logan: Republican candidate for HD 1

BURLINGTON JUNCTION, Mo. – 22-year-old entrepreneur Jasper Logan is the lone Republican running for State Representative in Missouri’s heavily conservative 1st House District.

Logan’s political resume is extensive compared to most politicos at his age. He is the former president of the Northwest Missouri State University College Republicans and has worked on several local and statewide political campaigns. He was also the director of Northwest Missouri Conservatives PAC last year where he helped run a statewide digital campaign to repeal the redistricting portions of Clean Missouri

According to Logan, voters had asked him to run for state representative in November of 2020 after the initiative was successfully repealed. However, he didn’t start seriously thinking about the opportunity until he grew increasingly worried about “Joe Biden and what he’s doing to this country,” he told The Heartlander.

Addressing his age, Logan believes that his youth will be helpful during the campaign and says people are looking for more youngsters to get involved politically. 

“I think a lot of people are excited to see young people like me getting involved in the Republican party and running for office,” he said.

When it comes to policy, Voter ID is what’s at the forefront of Logan’s priorities if he’s elected. 

“Voter ID is most important,” he said. “Most of the people I’ve talked to have said [Voter ID] is something that’s very important to them. They don’t trust their election system and they want more security so that’s probably going to be the first thing I’ll do if I’m elected is sponsor a voter ID bill.”

Other policies that Logan has prioritized include protecting the 2nd Amendment, protecting the unborn, and cutting down on taxes and wasteful government spending. 

Logan’s opponent in the general election, Democrat Jess Piper, has gathered a substantial following on Twitter where she continually praises liberal ideas like higher taxation and medicare-for-all. Acknowledging that Twitter is a majority liberal platform, Logan believes Piper’s internet popularity doesn’t at all reflect the values of HD 1.

“I think most of her Twitter popularity is coming from places like Kansas City and St. Louis,” he said. “Anybody I’ve talked to here who has heard of her didn’t have anything nice to say. I haven’t met many of her supporters yet.” 

Logan believes that his policy stances relate to that of the district’s voters much more than Piper, and said that she supports the exact things that HD 1 voters vehemently oppose.

“I’m a better fit for the district,” Logan said. “This is a very conservative district which tends to vote for candidates who support small government, low taxes and individual freedom, which is what I stand for and what she doesn’t stand for, obviously.”

Additionally, one of Logan’s main concerns about the state’s current legislature and those who represent Missouri voters is trust and transparency.

“They need somebody who is going to listen and be up front about what issues are going on and how we’re going to vote,” he said. “They don’t need somebody who will tell them one thing and then vote the other way.”

Logan currently operates two online businesses. The first is Northwest Missouri Coins and Collectibles LLC where he buys valuable coins at auctions and resells them. The second business can be found at where Logan sells conservative T-shirts, hats and other merchandise. 

The general election is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2022 where voters will likely see Logan and Piper square off as neither currently has a primary opponent. Those interested in more information on Republican candidate Jasper Logan can visit his website.

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