Gym in Marshfield helps gives back to the community in multiple ways

MARSHFIELD, Mo. – The Community Fitness Club (CFC) of Marshfield, formerly known as ‘Marshfield Activity Center’, has a special place in the heart of its local citizens. Co-owner and operator Jason Barnes told The Heartlander that CFC has nearly everything that a customer might want inside of a gym, but that they also give back to the community at every chance they get.

The 6,000 square-foot gym is a not-for-profit organization that has the capabilities for any type of workout, including boxing or CrossFit. Profits accumulated by CFC go directly back into the facility or towards the community of Marshfield. 

Over time, CFC has acquired and fully refurbished 1970s, 1980s and 1990s gym equipment from the Marshfield High School and middle school weightlifting gyms.

“We’re super proud,” Barnes said. “To us, it is new and it’s been repurposed from the school. That is part of our heritage and it’s taxpayer money. So, we want to keep it going.”

The gym’s slogan is, “Fitness for the people, by the people.”

Barnes said he listens closely to his customers at the gym, and although time is not always on his side, he makes sure that he eventually gets people what they need.

“We mean it. Whenever our customers talk, we listen. If they want a piece of equipment, we take note of it.”

The Barnes family has also been able to use their brand to sponsor the physical education programs at Marshfield Public Schools and have supplied them with new gym equipment, among other things. 

Additionally, they provide special membership rates for seniors, military, law enforcement and teachers at a mere $10 per month, and volunteer firefighters can work out free of charge. 

Barnes says that they see a lot of PTCD (Post-Traumatic Covid Syndrome) within the community and believes that gym life consistency has helped many who have come through. 

“I used to make excuses, like ‘I don’t have time’. Now these people tell me, ‘Gosh Jason, I can make time because I have so much energy now. I feel so much better about my appearance, the way I feel, the way I can move and can help my family’”, Barnes said. “The psychological is just as important as the physical. We’re so tied to our technology, Facebook and social media. That can really hurt our psyche.”

When people ask, “What is still in it for you?” Barnes’ answer is simple.

“I do it for the people who feel good. I do it for the people who come in and say, ‘Jason, I just want to thank you, I’m off six medications’.”

CFC is open 24/7, 365 days a year. The facility includes all new LED lighting, three security systems involving 30 cameras and has staff on the premises from time to time for extra security and convenience.

Those interested in the Community Fitness Club can visit their website to view monthly rates and find out more information.

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