Ameren and Google partner up to give Nest units to local residents

Mid-Missouri residents are now eligible to apply for a free Google Nest Learning Thermostat (retail $129) through Ameren and Google’s newest partnership. 

Google Nest is a ‘smart’ thermostat that learns its user’s daily routine and programs itself to save energy on heating and cooling.

Google Nest’s innovative technology has proven itself with an average 10-12% reduction of heating bills and 15% reduction of cooling bills. Users can also connect their smartphone to the Nest and control it from anywhere using the Google Home app.

One of the Nest’s more impressive features is it’s capability to alert you if there are maintenance issues with your HVAC system or if your filters need to be changed. 

Ameren requests that all applicants have residential electric with central air conditioning, and to make sure that the units are compatible with their home’s HVAC system, which residents can find out here

Applicants must complete the thermostat installation and enroll their Nest into the Peak Time Savings program. Those who do not register within 60 days will be charged a $50 chargeback fee.

Continued participation in the Peak Time Savings program will earn customers $25 each year on their enrollment anniversary. Peak Time Savings will be synced to pre-cool a home to reduce energy when Missouri temperatures are in the higher numbers. 

Each month, Google emails a report to users informing them how much energy they saved that month and suggestions on how to save more. Users can also set an easily customizable timer and a schedule for their Nest.

The thermostat is built with a sleek design and lights up when it detects users within the vicinity. Once a customer’s Nest gets to know them, it will be able to program itself to their preferences within a week. Each unit comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

Individuals interested can visit Ameren’s website to gather more details about the smart thermostats. The deadline to acquire a Google Nest is October 11, 2021, or while supplies last.

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