Missouri’s congressional delegation comments on Afghanistan bombings, deaths of U.S. service members

(The Center Square) – Missouri’s eight members of Congress are sounding off after Thursday’s bombings at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The U.S. Department of Defense reported 13 American service members were killed and 15 were injured along with a number of Afghan civilians. The attacks involved explosives set off by suicide bombers near the Abbey Gate entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport, at the Baron Hotel, and was followed by ISIS gunfire, the department reported.

Here are their statements as of Friday afternoon:

Cori Bush, D, First District: “My heart breaks for all the lives lost today, and every day over the last 20 years. Endless war is never the answer,” via social media.

Ann Wagner, R, Second District: “I am both heartbroken and incensed by the deaths of our U.S. service members in Afghanistan. Their bravery knows no bounds. They knew how dangerous it could be on the ground in Kabul, and they put their lives on the line to rescue innocents from the Taliban and help save fellow Americans. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten and we will hold President Biden and his Administration accountable. I continue to pray for their families, all those killed and injured in the terrorist attacks, and for those who are still in Afghanistan,” via statement.

Blaine Luetkemeyer, R, Third District: “Our fears were realized this morning. President Biden’s failure has ended lives and threatens thousands more. It is past time for him to use every resource necessary – both military and diplomatic – to guarantee the safety of every American citizen and service member in Afghanistan. Jackie and I are praying for the people hurt in this morning’s attacks and everyone trying desperately to get out safely,” via statement.

Vicky Hartzler, R, Fourth District: “Today’s explosions outside Kabul’s airport underscored the necessity for a thorough and well-thought-out withdrawal plan to ensure the safety and security of Americans in Afghanistan. But President Biden disregarded intelligence, lied to the nation on this reality, and put our citizens who are stranded in Afghanistan in grave danger. This administration has shown incompetence at every stage of this catastrophe and should be held accountable for the lives they have put at risk,” via statement.

Emanuel Cleaver, D, Fifth District: “Heartbreaking to see this morning’s reprehensible attack in Kabul took the lives of several American service members and innocent Afghans. Praying for the families of the fallen and forever grateful for their service,” via social media.

Sam Graves, R, Sixth District: “My heart breaks for these fallen heroes, their families, and their fellow service members still fighting for their lives at the airport in Kabul. They’ve shown immense courage and compassion in the face of impossible odds. They never should have been put in this position in the first place. The President must immediately implement a plan to secure the airport and protect the lives of U.S. troops, American citizens, and our allies,” via statement.

Billy Long, R, Seventh District: “It was infuriating but not unexpected to learn of the suicide bombings and resulting injuries and casualties in Kabul. The attack today is a tragic example of how utterly incompetent President Biden has been at withdrawing American troops and civilians from Afghanistan. The President had no plan for evacuating American civilians and allies from the country before removing our troops, and the results have been pure pandemonium, as evidenced by today’s violent attacks. This is what you get when you have a Commander in Chief that publicizes an arbitrary withdrawal date instead of listening to his Generals and letting conditions on the ground dictate how to withdraw while safely evacuating Americans and allies in advance. During this time of crisis, the American people deserve a leader who will fight for them, instead of a leader who refuses to answer questions and continuously lies and laughs about the dire situation on the ground. As we learn more about the attacks and the situation continues to unfold, please join me in prayer for the Marines we have lost and the Americans and our allies who our government has stranded in Afghanistan,” via statement.

Jason Smith, R, Eighth District: “Today’s attack is horrific. Americans died because of this administration’s feeble, weak leadership and its disastrous withdrawal plan. It is unacceptable to leave American lives up to the mercy of a terrorist-aligned government. We must ensure Americans’ safety NOW,” via social media.

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