Small Business Spotlight: Frontier Justice

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – Frontier Justice is an organization and retail company specializing in firearms, events, clothing, and building a family atmosphere.

They sell everything from firearms and accessories to outdoor clothing and gear. They also offer firearm safety classes to teach people how to properly use a gun, have a shooting range where customers can practice, and host shooting competitions and various events.

“Frontier Justice opened in 2015 as the premier fashion & firearms retailer delivering a unique faith-based and family-focused entertainment destination,” their website reads.

Faith, family and freedom is their motto as posted in large letters across their building, and President of Frontier Justice Bren Brown says it’s much more than just a catchy slogan.

“Faith, family, freedom guides everything we do, everything we’re about, and every decision we make,” she said. “Faith is about giving 10% of our profits to community good. Family is creating an environment where whole families feel comfortable coming in and learning about firearms and being part of the firearms community whether they shoot or not. Freedom is a nod to law enforcement and veterans who use this tool to protect our freedoms here in America.”

Frontier Justice also offers a variety of membership options for individuals and families that deliver priority range access, exclusive sale prices on range ammo and targets, and access to the private Members Lounge. 

Bren grew up around hunting, firearms and shooting sports and has always viewed them as an avenue for fun and family bonding. She also understands people that are opposed to firearms because they grew up in areas where they weren’t as common. That’s the audience Frontier Justice hopes to attract. 

“Our hope is to get the demographic of American families that either have never been exposed to [firearms], or maybe have had a little bit of exposure but they’re still really scared and fearful.”

Bren wants to be able to attract those people to help them feel more comfortable and safe around firearms, while also teaching the proper use and why firearms are important.

“What we’re really fearful of is kids not growing up learning about and respecting firearms.”

Mike and Bren Brown opened the first Frontier Justice in 2015 after receiving what seemed to be a sign from God. 

Before it was even a thought, Mike and Bren both had successful careers and were raising a set of twins. After a skiing accident left Mike needing surgery, he was able to spend more time with his family while recovering and realized that’s what he cared about most. A few months later in October of 2013, Mike and Bren decided to retire and focus on their family.

After they retired, a friend from their church suggested they combine their ideas of a clothing boutique and a firearm store. After thinking and praying about it, Bren came up with the idea of creating a place more centered around a family atmosphere, whereas most stores similar to Frontier Justice have a majority adult male demographic. 

Therefore, Mike and Bren thought that most gun shops and firearm ranges lacked depth, unintentionally excluding women and children. So, they decided to focus on the education of firearm safety, fun with the family, friendly competitions and so on to form a community based around faith, family, and freedom. 

With three different locations in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska, Frontier Justice has taken off in just six short years of operation. Visit their website at

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