EXCLUSIVE: Mark McCloskey on the 2022 U.S. Senate race: “We will be making a decision soon.”

EXCLUSIVE – Mark McCloskey sat down with The Heartlander to discuss the current state of American politics, the chaotic events of last year and a potential bid for the 2022 U.S. Senate race. 

“We’re at a tipping point in the country,” he began. “In the first 100 days of the Biden Administration, there’s been a wholesale assault on our freedoms.”

When asked what the Biden administration could do better, McCloskey had no shortage of advice for the president and his colleagues. 

“How about respect the Constitution?” McCloskey asked. “How about recognizing the existence of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment? How about recognizing that maybe you shouldn’t take away everything that Donald Trump did in 4 years by executive order?

“What they want to do is create discord,” he continued. “They want to divide and conquer to create a schism between the races, between the rich and the poor, between the left and the right, and keep everybody away from focusing on the real issue and that is this wholesale devastation of our constitutional rights that’s going on right now.”

McCloskey also believes that it’s up to Missourians to not let Washington D.C. politicians take away citizens’ rights and liberties.

“The forces of the left always want to control and centralize power and the forces of the right want to decentralize power and maintain individual freedoms,” he said. “If [Missouri] continues to have a good conservative core and we continue to buck the national trend of seizing power to Washington, I think we’ll do really well.”

After rioters broke into the McCloskeys’ private neighborhood on June 28 of last year, McCloskey and his wife, Patty, stepped outside holding firearms in hopes that the rioters would leave their neighborhood. What followed was an ensemble of events and news coverage that nobody expected. Before they realized it, pictures of the couple outside of their home were scattered nationwide to every major news outlet – and the worst was yet to come.

“We were kind of living our safe little life and up until June 28 of last year, I would’ve said that mostly what I wanted is the world to leave me the heck alone,” he said. “But the world chose not to leave us alone. After the June 28th event, we got a tip that they were coming back Friday July the 3rd with the expressed purpose of killing us and burning down the house – and that’s the part that nobody seems to know about.”

After checking with several parties including President Donald Trump, he was able to retain security forces in preparation for July 3 to protect his family and their home. Fortunately, the rioters were kept on the public side of the gate and nobody was harmed. That’s when McCloskey said something clicked and he felt like he was called by God to be more active.

“Sometimes something beyond you calls you to action,” McCloskey said. “God came knocking on our door that day disguised as 300-500 angry rioters. So we made a decision that day that we were going to put our lives on hold and do what we could to support the President, and we haven’t stopped.”

After campaigning for President Trump on a bus tour through various states, rumors began to circulate over a potential bid for the 2022 U.S. Senate race. With those rumors also came attacks on McCloskey from mainstream media outlets.

“There’s no greater compliment in the world,” he said about the attacks. McCloskey also stated that he’s not quite sure if he’ll announce a bid for U.S. Senate yet, but the decision will be coming shortly. 

“We will be making a decision soon,” he said. “I can’t tell you what the actual timeline is, but it’ll be pretty quick.”

With the news of a possible run, critics have raised questions about McCloskey’s donor history and his past donations to Democratic candidates. 

“I’m a lifelong Republican,” he reiterated. “We have from time to time donated to some Democrats but they’re people that were personal friends of mine. There would be times when I would donate money because I thought they were good honest people that really had the will of the people behind them and the interests of the people in their heart.” 

When asked if there’s one thing he wanted to say to our readers and to all Missourians, McCloskey initiated a call to action.

“If the United States is going to survive as a free and independent entity, it’s going to require every single human being in this country to stand up and make a personal commitment to defend the Constitution, defend their rights, and to not just consent to everything the government says just because the government says it.”

Missourians can expect an announcement soon from McCloskey on whether or not he’ll declare a bid for the U.S. Senate race. 

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