Pro-life Advocates Flock to Capitol for Midwest March for Life

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Hundreds of Missourians flocked to the Missouri Capitol Wednesday to attend the Midwest March for Life event on the south lawn. 

Attendees heard speeches from prominent pro-life activists before they took to the streets and marched around downtown Jefferson City. After the march, the pro-life activists returned to the south lawn for the rally.

The rally consisted of additional speeches from distinguished pro-life advoactes including Missouri Right to Life (MRL) Executive Director Susan Klein and National March for Life President Jeanne Mancini. 

Along with the speeches, the rally included pro-life booths set up around the lawn, an award ceremony, a fundraising lunch and wrapped up with a one-act play titled “Viable”.

Gov. Mike Parson received the Statesman of the Decade Award while State Sen. Bob Onder, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe all received the Patriot for Life award for their pro-life endeavors.

The pro-life booths were sponsored by various organizations that support women before and after their child is born. PAC Chairman for MRL Dave Plemmons said that those groups are also why they’re there. 

“We could pass all the pro-life legislation in the world, but if there aren’t ministries out there that are helping women with unplanned pregnancy and crisis situations then it’s good, but it’s not anywhere near the value that it needs to be.” 

Klein, who is also the Chief Lobbyist for MRL, said that a significant part of their advocacy is based in the halls of the Capitol.

“I believe that legislation has given us our foundation in order to end abortion in Missouri” she said. “We can’t stop. We have to continue to work to get pro-life legislators here and we need to pass pro-life legislation.”

Building off of that, Plemmons reiterated to legislators the need for pro-life legislation and that the fight against abortion is not over yet. 

“The thing we want to stress to the legislators, to the General Assembly, is it’s one thing to think you’ve won, but it’s another thing to forget that you’re still in the fight. And if you forget you’re still in the fight, then victory is hollow.”

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