Letter From the Editor: Why I Joined The Heartlander Team

Throughout my time working in Washington D.C., I consistently noticed the relentless bias and continued spread of misinformation from the mainstream media. It seemed as if there was never just one version of the truth, only versions of it picked apart and selectively edited to fit the specific narrative of the network. 

But I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.

Everyone around me who consumed mainstream media on a daily basis realized the blatant partisanship and prejudice that each news outlet put forth. As myself and others routinely witnessed the downward spiral of what were supposed to be unbiased news sources, the trust we had in these organizations went out the window. 

As news consumers, taxpayers, and most importantly, Americans, we deserve trustworthy, unfiltered, and honest news about what is going on in our backyards. That is why I joined The Heartlander team. Our mission is to deliver news exactly as it happens without pushing our own narrative or agenda onto readers. I am immensely excited to begin this new journey of producing fact-based, trustworthy news for you, the readers, across the Heartland. 


Christian Rehder
Editor, The Heartlander

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