Left wing protestors, some from out of state, gather at Hawley fundraiser

COLUMBIA, Mo – As Sen. Josh Hawley arrived at the Country Club of Missouri for a fundraiser on Tuesday, he was met by protestors voicing their vehement disapproval of the senator. 

A Facebook group called “CoMo for Progress” organized the protest and touted Hawley as “a traitor to this state and this nation,” on the event’s page. 

The protestors gathered at the entrance of the country club yielding signs and participating in chants led by individuals with megaphones. Many of the signs read “His views are not MO values” and others called on Hawley to resign.

One protestor, an Illinois resident who asked not to be named, said he was protesting because of Hawley’s support of capitalism. 

“I do not believe in a capitalist system and dividing social classes by money,” he said. “I believe in togetherness.” 

When asked what system he believes could achieve that, he answered, “I think socialism.” 

Another protestor, an Elizabeth Warren supporter, said that she doesn’t “believe Hawley represents the people and interests of Missouri.” 

“I do not agree with his stance on abortion and I do not agree with his decision to contest the election.” she continued. 

To the contrary, well-known GOP operative James Harris thinks the protestors’ beliefs are the ones unrepresentative of Missourians, not Hawley’s. 

“The people of Missouri know that Josh Hawley is doing an excellent job standing up for our ideals,” he said. 

“That’s why the left is pulling in out-of-state protesters who do not reflect Missouri values; only a far-left radical looks at Josh and sees anything but a reflection of our state’s conservative priorities.”

In the past, CoMo for Progress has promoted events by the ACLU and Black Lives Matter. They have also voiced unequivocal opposition to students returning to in-person learning.

Hawley can expect to stay in the spotlight as he has been reported to be working with President Trump on deciding who to support in the 2022 Missouri Senate race. 

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